December 10, 2009

Podhammer Episodes

Due to an inability to get ANY painting done at the moment because of the demands of having two children and a busy work schedule my gaming hobby has been limited to reading forum traffic and catching up with the guys at Podhammer.

For the uninitiated Podhammer is an Australian podcast that according to their official blurb...

"is a bi-weekly podcast about Warhammer Fantasy. The shows covers everything from latest news & releases, tournaments & painting tips. The shows casual and uncensored discussions with a distinct aussie flavour make this wargaming podcast unlike any other. .."

Podhamer was the first podcast of its type and is renowned for its no holds barred approach to discussing Warhammer. In fact its webpage boldly states that...

"Podhammer gives an uncensored no holds barred look at the game and as such contains coarse language. We reccomend that listeners be over 18 or have parents permission. If you are easily offended by dwarf bashing, elf bashing, 40k bashing, UK bashing, America bashing or gay bashing – this show may not be for you. – You have been warned!!!"

As I listen to Podhammer at work I tend to use Headphones as most of the language is definitely NSFW. However, it is incredibly interesting, funny and very informative. They are currently up to Episode 51 a discussion of the latest Skaven Army Book, and among my favourite episodes and those that would be useful to any gamer are:
  • Episode 30 - Warhammer 101
  • Episode 36 - Stuntycast (for my fellow Dwarf players)
  • Episode 45 - Combat; in depth discussion of tactics etc
If you haven't checked these guys out yet then I seriously suggest you do - among the many contributors are Australasian Warhammer Champions and occasionally equivalent players from the UK and the US.

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