December 15, 2009

WIP - Knights Exemplar & Deliverer Sunburst

Just some pictures of my current Warmachine projects a unit of Exemplars Errant, who I also use as Knights Exemplar and the crew for my Deliverer Sunburst (which is unfortunately missing some key pieces, including the arms off the 3rd crew member).

The Exemplars I am doing in a darker scheme than my other unit which has purple armor. These guys will be all metallic with only the mixed brass/gold areas to act as highlighting. Part of an overall theme I am looking at doing for my entire Menoth army.

Only areas needing to finished on these two Exemplar models (other than the missing limbs of course) are shading on the purple robes. I am particularly happy with the way the belt buckles turned out, and the effect of the black highlighting on various areas. The extra shine on the gold areas is due to a thin layer of (the now out of production) Chestnut Ink which is just awesome for highlighting gold.

If the unit as a whole looks good I will most likely paint strip the other Exemplar unit and repaint them in the same scheme.

Deliverer Sunburst & Crew
These guys are also acting as a test unit for the scheme I want to apply to my Deliverers which I paint stripped a week or so ago. I am keeping the purple highlighting scheme but retaining the standard Menoth white this time. I think the overall effect is pretty good - not first class like some guys work I have seen (e.g., Noeste, Elzar, & Dims) but better than my first efforts of two years ago.

I quite like the way the cross has turned out on each guy as well - using Chaos Black to highlight the sides really brings out the shape.


Binz said...

Wow really nice looking work John!!

Kuffeh said...

That's some nice clean white there. I like the contrast between the purple and white, its a great combination. Keep it up dude!