December 21, 2009

WIP - New look High Elf Army for 2010

Finished pinning my White Lions to their Iron Halo bases last night and undercoating them all ready for painting. They will, once completed, be the newest unit to be added to my new look High Elf Army which I plan to take into battle during the 2010 New Zealand Warhammer Fantasy Tournament season.

The project has involved (1) paint stripping and repainting every model & unit in the army, or at the very least retouching them to ensure the dark purple scheme runs through the entire force, and (2) Re-basing every unit with Iron Halo bases and adding snow to them. The completed units so far are.... [images should expand when clicked on]

Infantry Units

Spear Regiment & Phoenix Guard

Swordmasters & Spear Regiment


Spear Regiment

Phoenix Guard
The 3 completed infantry unit types


Battle Standard Bearer

Dragon Mage
(Reins & seat still to be done)

Noble/Prince on foot


Units still to be completed are
- White Lions x15
- Dragon Princes x10
- Spears x20
- Shadow Warriors x10
- Silver Helms x8
- RBT's x4

Also need to purchase some new models
- Archer Regiment
- Maybe another box of Spears depending on how paint stripping of old models goes

I also have to figure out what to do about movement trays - looking at using the GF9 plastic sheet stuff and constructing my own.


Kuffeh said...

These look really nice dude. I like the purple, its unusual for High Elves and I at first mistook them for their darker cousins. Nice work.

Darth Weasel said...

nice work. what is an "Iron Halo" base?

John said...

Cheers guys - Iron Halo bases

Basically custom bases for Warhammer & Warmachine come in variety of sizes I buy bases for single models and for ranks of five for infantry units.

Check them out - cheap shipping and great prices. Products are excellent. Ill post a full review soonish

Sigmar said...


Your painting is getting better and better.

BTW, Nauticans soon ! (I was without a pc for all of Christmas so I'm a bit behind but nearly there now) :D

All the best,