January 21, 2010

1st Warhammer game of the year

Been a while since my last game, and this will be my first with High Elves in even longer, but it should be fun. Will be matched up against a fellow Dwarf player 'Adam' at 1850pts. Should be an interesting game particularly as I have been able to build a one-off rather than all-comers list for the match. Final list for battle is:

w. Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Helm of Fortune, Sword of Might
w. Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield, Lance, Reaver Bow
Spears x20
w. FC, War Banner
Spears x20
w. FC
White Lions x15
w. FC, Skiensilver
Swordmasters x8
Swordmasters x8
Dragon Princes x7
w. Champion
Shadow Warriors x8

TOTAL 1,842 pts

Opted in this case for two heroes as I wanted to spend more pts on infantry. No-magic either, as frankly its a waste of time against Dwarfs and no Phoenix Guard which is unusual for me as I love that unit. Two units of Spears will be fun as they will be wounding on 5's but averages should go with me here. Hopefully Shadow Warriors and Dragon Princes can get rid of any Warmachines. Was trying to slot a Dragon Mage in but thought I would leave him out as Adam loves his Warmachines.

Battle Report up tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Interesting lists you have, how do you use the 2 units of 8 Swordmasters? Are they run naked (no command) as flankers with the spears? 8 in a line or 6and2 or 5and3?

Just curious since I run a very different hitty HE list. Looks something like this... http://roarb.wordpress.com/the-high-elves/

Dennis said...

Unusual to see a non-magic list for high elves, but I think that's probably wise against dwarf on less than lord level point wise. Looking forward to reading the report. If you can get a flank charge in with your fast movers, with the spears in the front, you'll be in good shape. Good luck!

John said...

Thanks guys

I always run Swords in a single rank directly behind my other units. That why I can either move them around the flanks once they are engaged in combat, have them take the charge of any overrunning enemy, or divert the units to their front and have them go through the middle.