January 7, 2010

Battle Report: Menoth vs. Khador @ 35pts

My first game of Warmachine since... wait for it... June 2009 [Read Battle Report] so a very long time indeed. What happens when you concentrate on Warhammer and get involved in the tournament scene so much. Still it was great to get back into playing it again, have been itching to do so since the Mk2 play test rules came out. Keen on a lot more games over coming months.

Match was against one of Toshi's many themed Khador lists after some second guessing I went with the following list for the battle:

- Epic Feora
- Hierophant
- Crusader
- Crusader
- Reckoner (Bonded)
- Temple Flameguard (10) + UA
- Daughters of Flame
- Choir (4)
- Paladin Order of Wall

Pictures are off my phone so quality not that great. As Toshi already wrote up a nice battle report on his blog I wont go into great detail here.

Heavy jacks went up the middle where with the Daughters of Flame they wiped out the Great Beards but not before the Jacks took some heavy damage. Khador missle fire and magic was quite brutal before the Juggernaut moves in and nearly, but not quite, finishes off my Jacks. I manage to deal a lot of damage to it in return, but then my Paladin fails to deal a killing blow and the mechanics coming and heal it up. With the Juggernaut now back near full strength and my Jacks damaged its not looking good.

Game ends by agreement when all of my units save Feora and the Heirphant are wiped out. Overall a fun game and a nice one after such a long time away from Warmachine. Still remembered a lot of things which was good. Couple of rule changes for Mk2 made things very interesting particularly the changes to Spray attacks - ignoring cover, concealment and melee, the removal of screening (which I was still playing for) and the changes to LOS all mean you really have to adjust your tactics.

If I played the game again I would keep my Jacks in B2B with the Choir etc doing the same directly behind them. Daughters would have gone behind the Flameguard and advanced with them. Other than that it was a nice game that I could have won had the Paladin killed the Juggernaut.

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Darth Weasel said...

don't know too much about Warmachine (read "don't know too much" as "suffer complete and total ignorance of the subject" for higher degree of accuracy) but glad to see you getting a game in. And a fun one, at that.