January 26, 2010

First WHFB tournament of 2010

Have made the decision (with my wifes support of course) that the three-day NATCON 2010 over the Easter weekend will be my first tournament of the year, and the first in which I will play my new look High Elves.

Tournament information
  • 2,250 pts, no special characters, no DoW
  • 8 games over 3 days
  • Scoring - Generalship 50%, Sportsmanship 12.5%, Composition 25%, Presentation 12.5%
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The tricky thing now is coming up with a 2,250pt army list that (a) works and (b) contains every unit that I like. Of the two requirements (a) isn't a problem, building a workable HE list is easier than it seems, it is (b) that is causing the problems, e.g., I love my Phoenix Guard think they look great, think they work well but now I have White Lions. So do I take both or only one, if only one which one, if both then where do I find the 300pts from in my existing list what gets left out. And then theres the other units I have to decide between. Options I would like to include are (a) two units of Spears (b) a big unit or two units of Shadow Warriors (c) the standard unit of DP's and (d) a couple of Eagles and (e) a couple of units of Swordmasters

While High Elves have a lot of special options the problem is they have too many, what do you take. Do you take units that look pretty so your army looks nice, or take units that work and leave some pretty ones at home?!? So far this list looks the best in draft form, although it will require play testing to see if it works.

NATCON 2010 v1
Archmage Lvl 4 (w. Phoenix Guard or White Lions)
w. Folraiths Robe, Jewel of Dusk
BSB (w. Spears)
w. Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Gem of Courage, Helm of Fortune, Sword of Might
Mage Lvl 2
w. Silver Wand, Scrolls x2
Spears x20
w. FC
Seaguard x12
w. Shields, Musician
White Lions x15
w. FC, Lion Standard, Skiensilver
Phoenix Guard x17
w. FC, War Banner
Swordmasters x8
Dragon Princes x6
w. Standard, Banner of Ellyrion
Great Eagle

TOTAL 2,250 - 9PD 5DD

Seaguard take place of archers in shooting phase and add useful combat component to guard bolt-throwers. Dragon Princes without MU or Champion are a risk but Ellyrion makes them very useful in terms of movement. Twin Eagles would be great, but one is sufficient with Ellyrion equipped DP's providing support. Battle line becomes very strong with inclusion of PG and WL. War Banner on PG is means they are definately not moving, WL banner gives them IFT and Stubborn so they become very good central unit. Only weakness here is lack of protection on BSB who at 1+ rerollable is still vulnerable. But Archmage with High Magic should help here. Placement of characters in units becomes critical. One option is White Lions with Archmage on a flank somewhere. BSB has to go with Spears to beef up that unit, other mage with whoever is left.

Then of course there is always the desire to take a Dragon Mage which I havent seen at a tournament yet, maybe because he is 400pts of flying VP. But we could run with something like this

Archmage Lvl 4
w. Jewel of Dusk, Folraiths Robe, Scrolls x2
Dragon Mage Lvl 2
w. Silver Wand, Ring of Fury
w. Barded Steed, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix, Lance, Shield, Longbow
Spears x20
w. FC
Spears x20
w. FC
White Lions x15
w. FC, Lion Banner, Skiensilver
Dragon Princes x6
w. FC, War Banner, Gem of Courage
Great Eagle

TOTAL 2,248 PD 9PD 5DD

1 comment:

Dennis said...

Unless you're running Swordmasters, I'm in favor of more units to avoid getting combo-charged and outflanked as long as possible. Although a flying monster can provide some sweet morale failure and together with cavalry really take out an enemy flank. Tough call :)