January 15, 2010

Guide to Stumpy Links

PhotobucketMy main Warhammer forum hangout. Great community of players from all around the world. Covers everything from army selection, painting & modelling, rules queries, battle reports etc.

PhotobucketHub site for Warhammer Blog fans put together and run by Kuffeh, Noeste and Elzar whose great blogs I have been following for a while now.

Bell of Lost Souls, Warhammer & Wargames News
The best place to go for up to date news about Wargaming in general covers everything including: WHFB, 40k, Warmachine, Hordes, LoTR and much more. The Bell of Lost Souls Blog network is also a great way to see who is doing what in the online community.

PhotobucketPrinciple forum for Australian and New Zealand Wargamers.

PhotobucketThe online bible for Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf players. Everything you could possibly want to know about Dwarfs you can find here. Every tournament army list I have ever used got its approval on here first.

PhotobucketThe Bugmans Brewery for High Elf players this site has been running for a very very long time. The amount of information on here is staggering particularly in relation to army fluff, tactics etc.

PhotobucketIf you want an *ahem* grown up perspective on Warhammer then maybe this is, or maybe it isnt, the best place to go. The original Warhammer podcast based in Australia and a regular haven for the best Warhammer players in Australasia.

PhotobucketThe free French online map builder I use when putting together my Warhammer battle reports.

PhotobucketThe best place to buy your Wargaming miniatures and other items. Amazing prices 15-20% cheaper than RRP. Regular specials and best of all FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. I have saved as much as 50% of the cost of some miniatures when ordering from here. Postage to New Zealand is also quick taking around 7-9 days on average. They stock EVERYTHING for EVERYTHING

PhotobucketGreat Australian retailer that I sometimes use in place of Maelstrom for particular items. Their range isn't as large as Maelstrom but they have great prices and best of all absolutely outstanding customer service.

PhotobucketNew Zealand's answer to Ebay, started by a teenager who several years later sold it for... NZ$780 million... I spent a fortune on here when I first started playing Warhammer.

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