January 5, 2010

How to: Painting the Redeemer, Deliverers & Exemplars

Had a very nice comment from Itchy about my Redeemer model and realised that I haven't been providing any details on how I am painting each of my recently completed models , so here goes...

Important note I only use GW and Citadel Foundation Paints

The Redeemer Light Warjack
There are four primary colour areas on this model: white, purple, iron and brass each with its own set of layers.
Painting the White Areas
The white areas follow a standard process I use on all models whether Warmachine or Warhammer using alternating layers of:
- Citadel Adeptus Battle Grey
- GW Fortress Grey
- GW Space Wolves Grey
- GW Skull White

The Skull White layer goes on in thinner layers than the Grey and I take my time building it up. With the Grey undercoat the overall effect is much better than simply painting the model straight white. Depending upon how deep I want the colour to be I either use light or dark grey to highlight the edges between different areas.

For models I want to give a dirty look to I go over the White areas with Sepia Wash, as I did with my Choir of Menoth models. They also got some Green and Mud Wash around the bottom of the robes to try and give a dragged across the ground look.

Runic Writing
The runes and cross painted on the white areas were all done free hand use a fine brush that I only use for small details like that. Letters and cross began with thinned down Space Wolves Grey as it provides a nice shadow effect and because it is an easy colour to paint over. Cross used Scab Red then Blood Red on top. The runes were just a bunch of random swishes, dots and lines. I do have the official Menoth font for MS Word but didn't try to use it this time.

The Purple areas
Only two colours required here Citadel Hormagaunt Purple as the base coat then GW Liche Purple over the top. Thinned Hormagaunt Purple was then added to random areas. Finally I added a thin layer of Purple Wash.

The Metallic areas
For the duller areas its the same process I use for armour on infantry models
- Basecoat of GW Boltgun Metal
- Wash with Badab Black
- Highlight with GW Chainmail
- Highlight with Mithril Silver
- Wash with Black again and again

Brass/Shiny areas used
- Base coat GW BoltGun Metal
- Wash with Badab Black
- Highlight with GW Dwarf Bronze (awesome) colour
- Wash again and again with Badab Black
- Highlight raised areas with Chestnut Ink

*Special Note on Chestnut Ink* - This is now out of production colour produced by GW. It is absolutely amazing for highlighting and washing gold/brass/bronze areas. Unfortunately I now only have one nearly empty pot of it left and have not been able to find a suitable alternative.

Areas at end of Redeemers rocket and various vent areas also got thin layers of Scab Red followed by lots of washing with Red Ink and Badab Black.

Knights Exemplar & Deliverer Sunburst Crew
Finished the Knights with the addition of the arms, shields and shoulder guards. Shoulder guard and shield colours caused me a few headaches as the original all metallic scheme didn't really work.

I finally ended up doing a quick Hormagaunt Purple and Black colouring over all of them which actually turned out pretty good.

The only areas in need of extra work on both of these units were the leather areas, the swords and some touch ups on the Deliverers sashes.

Painting Leather
Simple process for these areas. Base coat of GW Scorched Brown, highlights of GW Snakebite Leather and washed with GW Flesh Wash. Sadly Flesh Wash is no longer available but you can also use Mud Wash or Sepia Wash to get the same effect.

Painting Sashes
Base coat of Hormagaunt Purple again. GW Chaos Black in the recesses, GW Liche Purple to edges of recesses and finally Hormagaunt Purple on raised areas. Badab Black Wash also used to deepen overall effect.

Painting the Golden Crosses
Several layers here. GW Mithril Silver base coat, GW Shining Gold next followed by GW Burnished Gold and finally Chestnut Ink to wash it down. GW Chaos Black used as a highlighter.

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