January 28, 2010

I am taking the Dragon Mage

Been trawling the forums for past few days posting army lists and reading discussion after discussion, and have come to the conclusion that as far as the Dragon Mage goes its a model you take if you want too regardless of its effectiveness. I want to take it, so I am.

Current modification of proposed army list for NATCON is:

Archmage Lvl 4 (w. Spears)
- Jewel, Scroll x2
Dragon Mage Lvl 2
- Wand, Ring of Fury
BSB (w. DP's)
- Barded Steed, DP Kit, Helm of Fortune, Sword of Might, Gem of Courage
Spears x20
- FC, Banner of Arcane Protection
Archers x10
White Lions x15
- FC, Lion Standard
Dragon Princes x7
- FC, War Banner, Amulet of Light
Shadow Warriors x5

TOTAL 2,243 9PD 5DD

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