January 6, 2010

Latest Menoth releases: its good to be holy

Privateer Press announced the impending release of two more Protectorate units/solos recently, and they look awesome. My Mark 2 rulebook should be in the post from Maelstrom Games this week, and the Faction Cards are on pre-order both with a nice 15% summer sale discount.

With one of the latest units being an Exemplar unit (with a Medium base I think) an Exemplar themed army is looking like it will be a nightmare for most opponents. Think about the problems the following combos will cause you
- Epic Kreoss
- Exemplar Bastions
- Knights Exemplar
- Exemplar Errants
- Exemplar Vengars
- High Exemplar Gravus
- Exemplar Seneschals
- Exemplar Incinerators
- Rhoven & Exemplar Honor Guard

Epric Kreoss & Gravus's abilities mean that this entire army is (subject to certain constraints) immune to Continuous effects and can't be knocked down. Going to be SOOOO much fun playing this type of list.

First up are the Exemplar Incinerators
Not much detail on these guys, but a Unit of 5 on Medium bases whose job (according to the limited fluff) is to run ahead of the Bastions and clear the way kind of points to a tough combo of the existing Exemplar rules. Maybe: Fire causing magic weapons, Bond of Brotherhood & Aegis or some inherent ability similar to the anti-knockdown bonus granted by Gravus.

Then we have this nasty looking solo - possibly one of the best sculpts I have seen in a while, the model looks amazing which fits in well with an equally nasty sounding name...

...Vice Scrutator Vindictus

From the fluff he appears to be a further buff to the Zealots and possibly the Reclaimer. With two weapons including a chain type one in his left hand I would assume he is a melee monster, and the fluff also suggests some abilities in relation to unit/solo conversions similar to Severius.

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Binz said...

Im pretty sure the second guy is the new Menoth Warcaster!

But yeah, awesome awesome looking models.