January 11, 2010

Nautican Army Book released

Great way to start the new year Sigmar has finished the army book for his fantastic alternate Warhammer Fantasy army the Nauticans. For those of you who haven't heard about or followed these guys I strongly suggest you check them out at the following blogs:

The army book can be downloaded here

Basically they are a seaborne army a bit like underwater Lizardmen/Elves with lots AND I MEAN LOTS of unique units/abilities and a great back story etc. I play tested a number of Nautican army lists using some of the old rule sets and found it to be a great army to play. Its well balanced, offers good options in magic, melee and ranged attacks and allows you to play a range of strategies.

You can read my Nautican battle reports at:
The Army book is great - fantastic fluff, good links to suitable miniatures to building your army and nice art work through out.


Sigmar said...

Thanks very much for the plug Kiwi.

Much appreciated,

Sigmar said...

Hi Kiwi,

I've just updated the army list to draft 5.0. Just click the cover on the army site home page.

I've taken a lot of the feedback into account and tweaked it for balancing purposes.

Let me know what you think.


PS. My minis have all started to arrive - it turns out they couldn't swim as quickly as I thought. Even the ones that came through the channel tunnel took almost 2 months to arrive !!! How can a whole army be held up by customs !? :)