January 21, 2010

Warmachine Prime Mk2 rulebook is here

Great delivery from the postman yesterday my beautiful copy of the new Warmachine Prime Mk2 rulebook and a complete faction card deck for the Protectorate of Menoth arrived from Maelstrom games in the UK.

The book is absolutely stunning cannot say enough about it. Layout etc are a step above anything you get in other gaming systems, including Warhammer. GW could take a huge lesson from Privateer Press here in how to present core rule sets in a clear, concise and understandable format.

The faction deck was also fantastic. Full cards for every unit, warcaster, solo and warjack with most coming in multiples, e.g., 4 Redeemer cards, 4 Revenger cards, 2 for Reclaimers but with some strange inconsistencies, e.g., only 1 unit card for Knights Exemplar and 1 Choir when in large games you might field 2 or 3 of each unit.

After reading through them I have decided (that once the budget looks better) I will most definately be buying at least four of the new plastic warjack kits so I can make up a couple of Vanquishers and a couple of Templars. If I work the assembly right what I want to do is build them so I can interchange the arms and swap between each model between games.

Game play is also going to see the High Reclaimer come out more often especially the Epic version who I must have failed to see in earlier rulebooks. Think the Reclaimer leading an army of Zealots, Deliverers, Exemplars and accompanied by a horde of Vanquishers and Templars.

Also released recently is this picture of the latest Exemplar unit the Incinerators

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