January 8, 2010

WIP - High Elf White Lions: Command Group

Nearing completion on the Command Group for my High Elf White Lion Regiment. Principle areas still in need of completion are: Elves Hair & Skin, touch ups on armour and leather, grey highlighting on white robes, bronze/gold highlighting on some areas, jewels on various places and snow basing.

The Lion Cloaks have been left deliberately dark. I know that in reality Lions have much lighter coats but I have chosen a darker theme for the hides as (1) it fits better with the overall dark look of the army, and (2) I simply dont have a decent enough range of brownish paints to get a nice look.

Painting process for the lighter parts of the Lion Cloaks was:
- Base coat GW Scorched Brown
- 2nd Coat GW Bestial Brown
- 3rd Coat GW Vomit Brown
- 4th Coat GW Bleached Bone to foot pads, end of claws and inside of eyes & ears
- 5th Coat GW Skull White to tips of claws & eyeballs
- 6th Coat GW Chaos Black to nose, edges of various areas such as ears
- 7th Coat Sepia Wash

I've put some the images together in collages this time around - just click on them to get the bigger size. All up I am pretty happy with the overall look as it fits in well with the rest of my new themed High Elf Army.

Now I have the basic scheme down the rest of the Regiment shouldn't be too hard to finish. Then its onto the remaining units in my new look High Elf army which are....

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