February 23, 2010

Ah what a lovely surprise

My lovely wife surprised me with an extremely helpful present a magnifying lamp to help me with my painting. Used it for first time last night and it makes a hell of a difference, although it is somewhat disappointing to see your paint work up so close... shows up all the flaws. Managed to find a picture of the exact type - LED lights last for 100,000 hours apparently so thats A LOT of painting time.

Awesome present but even better is that she has agreed that I have to do alot more painting in order to learn how to use it properly :)


noeste said...

Sounds like good news, and from what I read, it seems like I can look forward to more painting-updates for your armies!

How strong's the magnifier, and what's the measurements of the lense? Soudns like you're liking it so far, and I've been considering getting myself a new desk lamp, so that thingy might do the trick?

John said...

Magnification is about 4x (I think) with a small area to do close up work with which goes higher than that.

Lights are very bright and magnifying area is about 20cm in diameter