February 19, 2010

Archers completed & Forests for the White Lions

Finally completed my HE Archers the other night. Not perfect but good enough to pass muster. Also sat down with some twigs and various types of flock and decided (on the spur of the moment) to add a forest to my White Lions to make them stand out more. Have to say the process and the final look has come out better than I expected.

The process itself wasn't that difficult, fiddly, but not difficult. Found some twigs in my garden of various sizes and shapes. Selected ones that looked OK and weren't too wet (its being raining here for a while). Drilled a hole into those bases I wanted to have trees. Filled the hole with PVA inserted the tree and covered its base with a little bit of snow flock (for that windswept pile look). Watered down PVA onto tops of trees followed by GF9 Foliage and then a second layer of PVA with some more foresty looking flock on top of that. Quick spray with Sealer to lock it all in and hey presto - trees!!!

Archers were a bit more fiddly primarily as the molding on these older style models isn't that great and as successive runs of paint stripping had flattened out a lot of the edges causing some of the models to lose their detailing.

Bases just need a final tidy up and they are all done and its onto the Dragon Princes.


Kuffeh said...

I really like the method you've used there. The trees do suit the theme and look great on their bases. Nice going. =)

noeste said...

Nice touch with the trees!

Rest is looking good as well, looking forward to those Dragon Princes.

Sigmar said...

Super cool woods Kiwi. Excellent job.