February 18, 2010

Dwarfs at 2,250pts for NATCON Tournament in April

After some great feedback from the guys at WargamerAU and Bugmans I have finalised my (possible) Dwarf list for NATCON in April. Whether I take them or not depends entirely on how quickly I can get my High Elves repainted however, but I think with time constraints the way they are I am 75% sure I will be submitting the Dwarf List below for that competition.

My 2009 Dwarf Tournament Army

Playing 8 games over three days is going to be tough, especially as I have only played 2 games of WHFB since October last year. So realistically I should go with an army I know well which is Dwarves.

w. Shield, Shieldbearers, RO Cleaving, RO Might, RO Resistance, RO Stone, MR Challenge, RO Furnace
w. Shield, RO Fire, RO Stone, RO Spellbreakingx2, RO Furnace
w. GW, MR Gromil, RO Furnace, MR Kragg, RO Snorri
w. RO Guarding, Strollaz
Longbeards x20
w. FC, Shields, MR Grungi
Warriors x10
w. Shields, Musician
Quarrellers x10
w. Shields, Musician
Hammerers x17
w. FC, Shields, RO Courage, RO Determination
Hammerers x17
w. FC, RO Battle, RO Stoicism, Shields
Organ Gun
Grudge Thrower
w. Engineer, RO Accuracy

TOTAL 2,246pts

Lord is reasonably tough at 1+ rerollable AS, has 4 S5/10 attacks plus Shieldbearers. Getting him into combat will depend upon using the MR Challenge effectively and on good deployment. RO Guarding on BSB gives him some survivability with 4+ AS and 5+ WS and accompanying Thane has +1 to hit with Snorri @S6 so can do some effective damage - will hit and wound most ppl on 2+.

Hammerers get RO Courage and RO Determination giving me 2 ITF units both of whom are stubborn and one of whom can be guarenteed to pass one crucial break test with RO Determination allowing you to take it one 1D6 - which when you stubborn means you will auto pass.

Only one shooting unit which is a change for me as I wanted the single unit of warriors for flexibility. As comparison my usual list contains 2 units of 10xQuarrellers and 2 of 10xWarriors. So adding the extra character and the Runic BSB has cost me 1 of each.

Only problem with posting these lists on places like WargamerAU is that all of the people ill end up facing visit that forum - but then NZ tournaments are open list so it makes no difference really. Still would be nice to surprise people :)


Dennis said...

Interesting. Granted, I haven't played my dwarfs very much yet, but why don't you put great weapons on that small unit of 10 warriors? I reckon you'd use them to hit the flanks of the enemy, where that extra +2 S would come in handy in breaking them.

John said...

Hadnt thought about that. I tend to leave GW at home ill see if I can work it in with the pts.