February 8, 2010

Updates, updates, updates

Missed out on the first night of the year for my local gaming club last week, but will be going this week (hopefully) for a nice little rematch vs. Adam - 2,250pts my High Elf tournament list vs. his Dwarfs.

Finally finished the White Lion regiment last night and have started on my Archers and the Bolt-Throwers. Also decided to put together a few small unit fillers for the White Lions something with trees on them to give them a nice forest look, just have to find some ideas on how to build them. Also decided to build Balsa wood movement trays for them as I did for my Dwarfs, but with proper flock etc on them to make them presentable.

In other news I have registered for my 2nd tournament of the year - RUNEFANG III in Wellington. Its composition scoring system is very interesting as rather than composition scoring adding to your overall score it is used to adjust your battle points for each game. Going to make things very interesting, e.g., you beat a guy whose army is comp'd as weaker than yours his battle points get adjusted up yours get adjusted down. On that basis I might just have to take my Dwarfs again (a) because I need time to work out how to use High Elves properly (b) I want to get a workable infantry only HE list and (c) I want to re-jig my Dwarf army and take a Cannon.

Christmas has also come early with two great pieces of news...

First, my Warmaster High Elf Eagles are on their way to New Zealand from Phoenix Forge finally allowing me to complete my High Elf Army. They were the one unit I didn't have.

Second, Privateer Press have announced the release of another Protectorate Unit - a Standard Bearer attachment for the Exemplars!!!!!! Just awesome, going to be a great year for Warmachine.

The models look fantastic - going to seriously have to start saving for all of the new units that are being released this year.

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