February 10, 2010

Warmachine at 15pts

Going to try to sneak in a few small 15pt games of Warmachine against Toshi over next couple of weeks. By sneak I mean finish work early and drop by his place on way home to spend an hour (or two) gaming :) 15pts isn't alot which makes army composition tricky. But there are some units I want to try out in particular the High Reclaimer who is a Warcaster I haven't used extensively in the past but whom (in Mk2) is an EXTREMELY good guy to take.

I don't want to confuse myself too much as the options are endless so have restricted myself to 2 lists for the time being (1) Balanced (2) Infantry only. Jack Heavy is another option but the High Reclaimer works best with Infantry units not Warjacks.

Balanced @ 15pts
Knights Exemplar x6
Knights Exemplar x6
Deliverers x6

Revenger Light Jack is reasonably good in close combat but more importantly has an arc node. Two units of Knights Exemplar will be great in melee combat especially with the Reclaimers ability, and the Deliverers (while inaccurate) provide some needed missle fire.

Infantry only @ 15pts
Knights Exemplar x6
Exemplars Errant x6
Paladin Order of the Wall x2
Temple Flameguard x10
Wrack x3

A unit of Errants gets swapped in for one unit of Knights Exemplar for the ranged attack. Wracks help protect the flanks and boost the Reclaimers focus. Mk2 allows you to take 2 Paladins so why not do so (ill proxy a Seneschal as the 2nd one) to get some huge melee power - these guys can kill Warjacks by themselves. A full unit of Temple Flameguard round out the mix as well.


Mike Howell said...

Sounds like fun lists to play. I've been pawing through the deck seeing what the changes are... Deliverers don't pop anymore! Wrack also doesn't cause terror (but is there anything in this game that isn't fearless?!) I love the fact that Brick and Mortar stance can be gained by forfeiting movement or action now, even though you only get the armor bonus.

I have a 15 pt game against Khador sometime next week!

Binz said...

Hey John - how is that second list 15pts???

remember that the free points from the Warcaster can only be used for Warjacks.

Binz said...

Also, in your first list, you cant afford Deliverers, you can only take the Deliverer Sunburst!


just in case your wondering, i use http://www.forwardkommander.com/ for army building purposes.

Not trying to pick you apart, just was wondering how on earth you got so many models into 15pts :)

Binz said...

lol arrgh advertising bot!

John said...

Cheers guys - and thanks for link Toshi ill use that from now on...