February 12, 2010

WHFB Battle Report - HE vs. Dwarfs @ 2,250pts

First game of WHFB for 2010 and first outing of my AM/Dragon Mage HE Tournament list. Up against Adams Anvil of Doom led Dwarf army.

Background to a battle - an Elves Hatred
Lord Sidathe Rythen Archmage of the Seventh House was well pleased soon he would be able to bring the full might of his magical power to bear on the dirty, cave dwelling, squat faced, bearded spawn who called themselves Dwarves. For generations his anger and hatred for the Dwarven race had burned within him and now with his foe deployed ahead of him on the field of battle that flame burned as hot as the blazing sun. His eyes and staff blazing with power Sidathe surveyed the troops at his command.

Deployed with a bodyguard of White Lions his slanted Elven eyes took in the Great Eagles and Shadow Warriors deployed to his right. These were tasked with killing the deadly Dwarven warmachines as fast as possible. This would allow the Dragon Princes of Caledor led by his armies Battle Standard Bearer Ranliin Dunebear free rein to charge through the Dwarven ranks. To his left a unit of citizen levy Spearmen and Archers were arrayed in plain sight, the bait into which he hoped to draw his Dwarven foe. Far to his left was Sidathe's most fearsome, but unpredictable, weapon a Dragon Mage of Caledor who even now was struggling to keep his impetuous mount (and himself) in check. Sidathe's plan was simple. Destroy the Dwarven missile troops and Warmachines with his magic and then let loose the Dragon Mage and his infantry on the remaining Dwarfs. Vengeance would be his today, Dwarven blood would flow.

The Battle Begins
Gaining the early initiative Sidathe voiced his contempt of the Dwarven Generals tactics scowling as he saw Dwarven units form up in a defensive formation around the hill atop which their warmachines sat. Ordering the advance his forces, except the Dragon Mage (who hopefully would be able to restrain himself), advanced forward seeking to draw the Dwarfs out into the open where they would be vulnerable. The first waves of magic crackled through the air and Sidathe felt nothing but joy as his power poured through him and out his fingers sending magical energy toward the Dwarven warmachines. Screaming loudly Dwarven artillery crewman collapsed to the ground as their engines of death and their armour began to burn. But his joy was shortlived his magic failed and his body convulsed with shock to hear and feel the chanting of a Dwarven RuneLord and the sound of his hammering on an Anvil of Doom. Soon though Elven arrows and Bolts peppered the Dwarven line and Dwarf after Dwarf fell.

Responding in kind Dwarven missile fire fell among the Elven warmachine crews and knocked a Great Eagle out of the sky. The Anvil of Doom also rang out and Sadithe watched as a unit of bare chested fanatical Slayers rushed forward in a magical charge straight at the Dragon Princes of Caledor. His right flank now falling back or engaged in close combat Sidathe watched in further horror as a huge stone landed squarely in the middle of the Citizen Spear Regiment to his left. Shards of rock tore through the militia unit killing scores of Elves. Ahead of him the Dwarven battle line roared in triumph and surged forward. With his milita unit decimated, his right flank weakened and stuck fighting Slayers, and his magic ineffective Sadithe halted his armys advance.
The respective armies march toward eachother
Dwarven infantry ready themselves for the battle ahead

Dwarven artillery fires from the hill as Miners begin tunnelling toward the Elven lines

As the Dwarven battleline drew closer a cheer rang from the Elven army as the Dragon Princes butchered the Slayers and surged forward... only for their advance to be halted as the armies remaining Great Eagle fled into their ranks. Dwarven missile fire continued to prove stronger than those of the Elves the Citizen Archers nearly wiped out by a unit of Dwarven rangers who suddenly appeared on the Elven left flank. Sadithes magic though was beginning to take its toil as were the efforts of the remaining Bolt-Thrower. Dwarven artillery crewmen were dying in droves as were many of the Warriors to his front. With the battle swinging too and fro an irressitble urge overcame Sadithe and the White Lions who guarded him. To his front left he saw a Dwarven Thane holding aloft a Great Axe inscribed with a Master Rune of Challenge.

White Lions charge into the Longbeards flank in response to the MR of Challenge
(Note Warriors on their right flank)

Unable and unwilling to flee from its magical call Sadithe and the White Lions charged at full speed at the Thane and his accompanying Longbeards. Crashing into the Dwarven units flank the Elves hacked gleefully at Dwarven armour. However, the Dwarven Thane was cunning, his Challenge had placed the Elves in a vulnerable position their own flank exposed to another unit of Dwarven Warriors. If he and his Longbeards were able to hold the Dwarfs would outflank and outnumber the Elves and victory would be theres. Even the sight of an Elven Dragon now flying toward them across the Battlefield did not disuade him from his plan. Once the White Lions and the Archmage they guarded (whose eyes burned with a strange brightness) were dead the Elven army would be considerably weakened.

From atop his Dragon the Dragon Mage looks ahead to the advancing Dwarven army

Crappy Elven dice rolls see Elven magic fail horribly to wound anything.
Payback for a Dwarven Bolt-Thrower throwing a 1 to wound the Dragon Mage

But it was not to be. The White Lions of Thrace proved to strong and the burning hate filled eyes of the Elven Archmage too frightening and they field in panic. Running with them the Dwarven Thane looked back as an Elven dagger rammed into his throat, around him his Dwarfs fell to Elven axes and the last sound he heard was a cheer as his Standard was raised high above Elven ranks.

The White Lions sweep all before and capture the Longbeards Standard

With the primary unit in the Dwarven army dead the battle now swung hugely in the Elven forces favour. Sadithe could not contain his joy as he turned and saw the Dragon Mages magic burn scores of Dwarfs alive before him. Joining his magical powers with his the Dwarven RuneLord was powerless to stop wave after wave of Elven magic killing and maiming the remaining Dwarven units. Soon, those few that remained began to flee as the Dragon Princes swept all before them. Throwing down their arms the few remaining Dwarfs fled the battlefield, smoke from their burning comrades hiding their panic fuelled retreat.

The Dwarven army trys to salvage something from its impending defeat, but...

The Dwarfs find themselves surrounded and soon to be destroyed by fire and magic

Sadithe exulted his vengeance was complete, his hands were covered in Dwarven blood and his troops cheered as they raised the Dwarven armies standards above their heads. Victory was his!!!


Dennis said...

Questionable decision to risk a flank charge on his longbeards, and he paid for it. Well fought Sadithe!

Darth Weasel said...

quite entertaining. What other runes did he strike on the Anvil?

John said...

Cheers for feedback guys :) @ Darth he used Wrath and Rune a couple of times but failed to get it off, tried for ultimate power but missed.

Darth Weasel said...

I find it ironic that there is at least one player in our group who thinks the dwarfs are so good that we have essentially just not played them...even though I have yet to see them actually win a game. Wait...maybe they won one, but that is about it. Fear is a powerful weapon...

Dwarfs are just so hard to balance. Either you have an army that is no fun to play against...or else it has no chance to win. There seems no middle ground. *sigh* When they get updated, I will be ready as I have 201 models painted and based and am nearly finished with the gyrocopter. Meanwhile, I shall just have to live vicariously through others...

noeste said...

Great battle report, wonderfully written! Not sure if this blog is a heaven for Dwarfs no more, though...

John said...

@Noeste - I know mate probably needs a name change, I may play other armies/factions but im still a dwarf at heart