February 9, 2010

White Lions finished & WIP HE Archers

Final pictures of my completed White Lion unit, thinking of running them 6 wide when I use them so will need to build another movement tray for them. Snow has definitely turned out pretty well benefits of applying it over a white undercoat. Final two models for back rank will get pinned on tonight - all of the models have been pinned to their bases.


Itchy (aka Jared) said...

The White Lions look great!

I am most impressed by the paint job on their faces. Quite detailed and they actually look like faces! Faces are a terrible weakness of mine. :(

It is my personal opinion that purple is sorely underutilized as a main color these days.

Well done!

Kuffeh said...

They look great dude. I like the purple used and its clash with the white. Nice going.

What's next on the list?

Rob said...

Looking great man! I run mine 6x3, works great, 7 ASF WS 5 STR 6 attacks before they can hit you back, can't lose.... well, they still do lose, but that's what stubborn is for :)

John said...

Thanks everyone very much appreciated :)