February 26, 2010

WIP - HE Dragon Princes & RBT's

Opening pictures of the Dragon Prince unit which is my next major HE project. Painting 7 of them in total although I have 10 as a unit of 7 is all I intend on fielding in any tournament army. Did consider using Silver Helm horses for the unit as they stand up better and as more of the models have kept their tails.

Horses are based on a mixture of moulded bases from IronHalo.net and standard cavalry bases covered in sand. Going to keep colour scheme fairly simple and mutted. Surcoats on horses will be white along with reins in similar fashion to how I paint white robes on Elven infantry. Armour on horses heads will be strictly metallic with highlights of bronze (as with Eagles on White Lions helmets) on the Dragon emblems but nowhere else.

Horses I am aiming to turn out something like the picture below with lighter muted grey coats and speckled (spotty?) bits all over them.

Still haven't figured out how I want to paint the Princes themselves so am trawling the forums/blogs/web for ideas.

Finished the crews for my Repeater Bolt-Throwers last night. I have four of these old style metal Bolt-Throwers which honestly I quite like. Painting the Bolt-Throwers themselves has been problematic as the overall blandness of the model doesn't help, i.e., there isn't any molding or sculpting on the legs and base. RBT themselves are still unfinished.

What they looked like originally after I brought them 2nd hand

Bolt-Throwers have been glued onto 40mmx40mm monster bases covered in Poly Filler and still need A LOT of work before they are completed. If these guys turn out OK I might strip and paint the other two as well.

Snow bases still need some work. Going to have to redo them all mixing Snow Flock with Baking Soda and water down PVA to get a better texture and overall effect.


noeste said...

(Been) looking forward to this!

I think the grey/white speckled horses are a great idea, I recall seeing some models painted that way earlier, with great results.

I do think I'd go for purple surcoats in that case, though - if not it might be too much white, if you know what I mean? It might be hard to discern what's cloth and what's skin. I might be wrong, though, but just a suggestion. Might just be me who's gotten a fancy for purple lately, hehe.

John said...

Yeah I am a bit worried about the white on white effect. Im going to fully paint one horse first to see what it looks like. If the white isn't a goer Ill try another in purple.

Darth Weasel said...

I love the detail work. I just got an unbelievably great deal on some high elf models (150 models for 50 bucks...33 cents per figure, and that includes a chariot!) so I will be trying to paint up some High Elf guys soon. Wish I had your talent and patience. Nice work

noeste said...

An alternative could be to do the inside of the surcoats purple, and the side facing out white - that might sort of break up the white a bit? Just a thought that popped into my head.. Either way, finish the test, and we'll see.