March 31, 2010

High Elves for RUNEFANG III - Final Army List

Submitted slightly modified army list for RUNEFANG III this morning, as I didn't quite like set up on one I submitted yesterday. Its basically whats in the picture minus a few SM bodies and the Noble on foot.

Archmage Lvl 4
w. Folraiths Robe, Amulet of Fire, Silver Wand, Dispell Scroll

Immune to all non-magical attacks and all magical flaming attacks. Has 5 spells and 4+D3 PD from Banner of Sorcery. Considered Staff of Solidity to protect against miscast but decided against it.

Mage Lvl 2
w. Seerstaff, Dispell Scroll

Seerstaff allows me to choose his spells and Banner of Sorcery means I can ensure I can spam Drain Magic against the magic heavy armies.

w. Barded Steed, GW, Dragon Armour, Shield, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix

Defensive set up with 1+ rerollable AS and 5+WS. Only hitting at S5 with GW but thats reasonable. Considered Battle Banner but at 80pts it would mean dropping something else and you need a combat character that can survive.

Spears x20
w. FC, Lion Standard

Considered two units of these but went with one instead. Lion Standard makes them IFT.

Archers x10
White Lions x15
w. FC, Banner of Sorcery

Basically the Archmage/mage bunker. Putting Banner of Sorcery here means I can hide them in a forest and protect it before jumping them out later.

Phoenix Guard x18
w. FC, War Banner

Just love this unit. War Banner is necessary though as at S4 they aren't going to kill anything. Also a great mage bunker.

Swordmasters x15
w. Musician, Bladelord, Talisman of Loec

No Standard as it cost too much and it gives pts to your opponent. Talisman of Loec is a nasty surprise allowing you to re-roll all missed hits and failed wounds once. You have to use it carefully though as it also kills the Champion carrying it.


Total 2,250pts 8+D3 PD 5 DD + 2 scrolls

Other options considered (besides 2nd unit of Spears) was a unit of bare DP's, and another cheap combat noble. But this is a reasonably focused army build. Swordmasters will require careful deployment due to vulnerability to missile fire but that is what High Magic and the Ward Save spell is for. Comp wise I might get pinged for BoS but don't really care that much.

March 30, 2010

NATCON army lists my thoughts on what I will face

Did a quick review of the army lists I will/may be facing at NATCON this weekend to see what my major concerns are going to be.

All up there are 32 competitors fielding most of the newer book armies in the game. Most lists are about what you would expect to see at a tournament but with a very strong tendency toward magic heavy. Only 3 are what I would call OTT and are lists that I would have thought would have been questioned by the judges. These were a Dark Elf list with a Dragon and 2 Hydras and a Warriors of Chaos list with 4 units of Chaos Knights, and a Skink heavy Lizard army. The basics of each of the armies going are:

Skaven - 4 players
Standard massed ranks of Clanrats, Slaves and Rat Ogres. 3 armies have Doomwheels, two of those in combination with a Warp Lightning Cannon. The 4th has a Hell pt Abomination. Having briefly glanced at the new Skaven book the Doomwheel looks scary but is likely to do just as much damage to the Skaven as to me especially as there are more Skaven on the board than Dwarfs.

Wood Elves - 2 players
Nothing major here just normal lists I have come up against before. One has a Treeman, the other a Treeman Ancient. Although this last list also includes 2 units of Wardancers which I really dont like.

Dark Elves - 4 players
This group stands out because of the list (submitted and accepted by the judges) which contains: 5 units of Harpies, 4 units of Shades, 2 Hydras and a Black Dragon.

Vampire Counts - 3 players
Nothing major here although there are a couple of Vampire Lords w. Infinite Hatred and Blood Drinker. One has the Drakenhoff Banner and another has 2 units of Black Knights in combo with a unit of Blood Knights. Nice targets for the Organ Gun.

Tomb Kings - 1 player
Seen this before not worried about it.

Beasts of Chaos - 1 player
Seems Ok to me.

Empire - 1 player
Mike T's army in his usual standard mix with 4 units of Knights, about what you would expect.

Lizards - 5 players
Three of these have Lvl 4 Slanns, 2 have Stegadons and one list that is OTT IMO as it has 60 Skinks, a Stegadon and a Lvl 4 Slann. If a Dwarf army takes a Gunline we get pinged in comp, so having 60 multiple poison shooting Skinks in an army seems some contradictory to me.

High Elves - 2 players
Standard lists here. One player has the Battle Banner and the other magic heavy with a Lvl 4, Lvl 2 and the Banner of Sorcery plus 3 RBT's, the Lvl 4 also has the Ring of Fury so thats 8+D3 PD and a bound spell.

Dwarfs - 3 players
Very interesting stuff here with the 2 other Dwarf players in the tournament. Of those 1 has a Lord on Shieldbearers like me that he has for some weird reason given the MR Gromil to which is a complete waste of time. MR Gromil gives you a 1+ AS. But a Lord on Shieldbearers already has a 2+ AS which you can increase to 1+ with the RO Stone, so spending more pts than that on the MR Gromil is just stupid really. The other guy has a VERY interesting list. Only two characters both hero level, one a Runesmith, NO warmachines and lots of infantry.

Final thoughts
First impressions are that people seem to be going hard out to win and worrying about comp scoring last. Me I build armies around comp scoring and what works for me. Personally, I think the majority of the lists submitted are standard normal fare and OK, but many seem pretty brutal and its a pity to see them let through without some form of modification.

Now you could be cynical and say that the brutal lists belong to the leading players in the country, who are also the judges, and who also set the rules so they are ensuring the stay at the top. This seems to be the theme among many of the complainers on the local forums.

But I much prefer to be realistic and accept the fact that the NZ Warhammer tournament scene is getting stronger and tougher and people are adjusting their lists accordingly. This is after all the National (NAT) convention (CON) so you would expect to see strong lists. I would expect this theme to continue throughout the rest of the year as fighting for a Top 30 ranking and a place at the Masters heats up.

Of the course the other factor is that outside the first game in which your opponent is randomly picked your match ups are based on placings. So I don't really expect to meet the nasty lists in battle unless I do outstandingly well ;)

My goals haven't remained unchanged though I am going to enjoy myself, play as many different armies and players as possible, win as many games as possible and have a good time. But, the trend toward stronger playing fields is the reason I am taking High Elves to tournaments from now on. Dwarfs are A LOT OF FUN but you are not going to win tournaments with them unless you are an exceptional player and I am not (yet) an exceptional player. High Elves mean I can put together some much nastier lists and go hard out in my next few tournaments, especially now that I know that the Lvl 4, Lvl 2 with Banner of Sorcery combo is acceptable.

March 29, 2010

NATCON Army lists published

With 32 competitors NATCON this weekend (assuming my Bank Account which emptied itself mysteriously this week allows me to go) is shaping up to be a fun tournament. With the army lists being made fully public, in that they have been emailed to all concerned and posted online, the inevitable discussions have begun about what is and isn't considered OTT. Personally I really don't care what people bring as long as the games are fair and friendly. Besides being a Dwarf I am used to being slow and outnumbered.

Range of armies at the tournament is interesting more for what isn't there rather than what is:

Armies at NATCON 2010
Warriors of Chaos 6
Dark Elves 4
Lizards 5
Vampire Counts 3
Dwarfs 3 (including mine)
Skaven 4
Beasts of Chaos 1
High Elves 2
Tomb King 1
Wood Elves 2
Empire 1

A quick review of whats on the army lists shows that compared to my Dwarf army I am going to play every game heavily outnumbered against multiple units of knights/flyers/chariots and using my dispel scrolls within the first 1-2 turns. So NATCON might just be a Castle up tournament which isn't going to help me at all as my Dwarf army is built around the Strollaz Rune meaning I am going to be marching forward. I also have 10 fewer missile troops, 10 fewer infantry troops and a slightly less reliable war machine set up then normal.

Now I have lots of reading to do so I can make notes about what ALL of the various army lists are going to do to me when/if I meet them.

March 25, 2010

Tournament army pictures - Dwarfs & High Elves

NATCON is now only 8 days away and I have just realised that I have played more games of Warmachine since my last tournament than Warhammer so am incredibly unprepared for it. In fact over the last 6 months, since my club closed up for the holidays, I believe I have played 2 maybe 3 games of Warhammer NONE with the Dwarfs I am taking to NATCON.

So, the 8 games I will be playing there are going to be on a VERY steep learning curve heres hoping I can remember everything I learnt last season.

Also decided on some goals for this years tournament season:
- Attend a minimum of four tournaments
- Get at least one top 10 finish
- Finish the season with a 50:50 win/loss ratio
- Move my national ranking into the Top 40, currently its 58

As for the armies I am taking, for NATCON next weekend its my Dwarfs after that its High Elves all the way as 2010 is a pointy ear year. Anyway here are some pictures of my respective Dwarf and High Elf tournament armies.


The army as a whole.
Longbeards & Hammerers up front, Quarrellers & Warriors at the back
Very different from normal army as it contains 2 less core units & 1 extra character

Longbeards bearing the runic emblem of their hold Karak Thorinkin, Organ Gun behind

Stonethrower and small unit of Warriors


All packed away with rulebook, templates and army list awaiting tournament time

High Elves

The army as a whole
Spears, White Lions & Phoenix Guard up front - Swordmasters etc at back

Phoenix Guard and mounted BSB

Swordmasters & Spear Elves in front, Archers, Eagle & RBT in background

Archers, Great Eagle and RBT

White Lions, BSB & Phoenix Guard

Warmachine Battle Report - Menoth v Cryx @ 35pts


Epic marathon a battle between my Menoth and Toshis Cryx army the other day. Up against a small force of fast moving heavy Cryx Warjacks I took a larger primarily infantry force of:

Testament of Menoth
Choir (4)
Darton Vilmon
Paladin Order of Wall
Paladin Order of Wall
Knights Exemplar (6)
Exemplar Errants (6)
Deliverers (10)

Menoth deploys
Testament, Choir & Jacks in centre
Deliverers & Paladins on right, Exemplars on left

The enemy pre deloyment

Opening Gambits

Opening Gambits 2

The opening stages of the battle saw the Exemplar Errants (EE) advance forward to delay the Cryx advance the Revenger close behind. With Hallowed Vengeance continually cast on it the goal was to get it and the EE close to Cryx, get Cryx to kill an EE trooper thus triggering the spell and allowing the Revenger to go charging into the main Cryx battleline. My sacrificial this would allow the remainder of the Menoth army to move up and force Cryx to change its tactics.

Meanwhile the Knights Exemplar (KE) and the Reclaimer advanced on the left. The Reclaimer and the KE would only get stronger as individual KE died. Each death strengthening the attacks and defence of the remaining KE, and the souls of the dead KE boosting the Reclaimers attacks. Spreading out this way also forced Cryx to spread its smaller forces.

First charge of the Hallowed Avenger

A pile of twisted scrap is all that remains of the Revenger, but it succeeds in forcing back the main elements of the Cryx army

The opening gambit works and the Revenger goes charging in after a nearby EE is killed by Cryx magic. Charging in it severly cripples the heavy Cryx Warjack to its front and forces the nearby Cryx Warcaster to either join the attack or teleport away to safety. While the Revenger would be reduced to scrap by its Cryxian opponent its initial charge was invaluable and forcing Cryx to divide its forces.

The main units of Menoth army advance

Reclaimer & Knights Exemplar brutalise a Cryxian Heavy Warjack

With the Cryxian centre engaged by the Revenger the KE advance on the left where they are charged by the 2nd Cryxian Heavy Jack. While it kills 5 of the 6 KE it is unable to finish the unit off an error that will come back to haunt the Cryx general as the Testament of Menoth spends the rest of the battle casting 'Revive' over and over continually resurrecting the dead KE and keeping the unit at full strength. Meanwhile the souls of the 5 dead KE strengthen the Reclaimer and the remaining KE who reduce the Cryxian Jack to a twisted pile of metal.

Deliverers volley fire their rockets as the Paladins close in on the Cryxian left

Paladins charge into the small Cryxian Jacks

On the Menoth right things arent going as well. Two stealthy and well armoured Cryxian Light Warjacks have torn through the EE and are now threatening the rocket firing Deliverers. As a result High Paladin Darton Vilmon and a single Paladin Order of the Wall charge in to meet them. While the Paladin comes with a whisker and killing one of the Cryxian Jacks with a single blow neither he nor Darton are able to finish them off. With the charge weakening their normally resolute defence both are finished off once again leaving the Menoth right flank open to attack. Meanwhile in the Menoth rear a Cryx Ghost is threatening to out flank the Testamant and has already finished off the 2nd Paladin. Only a few lucky shots from the Deliverers manage to kill it off.

Turning Pt 1
The Crusader leaves nothing but an empty base after squashing its Cryx opponent

In the a major turning point in a battle that is delicately poised the Testament of Menoth orders the Crusader to charge into the remaining Cryxian Heavy Warjack. In the brutal melee that only comes from robot on robot combat the Cryxian Jack is squashed to a pulp leaving the Cryxian army severly depleted and the Crusader open to charge its rear.

Knights Exemplar charge the Cryxian left

Meanwhile the Testament of Menoth worried about the threat of the 2 small Stealthy Cryxian Jacks on his right resurrects the fallen members of the KE unit spreading the newly revived troopers out toward the Cryxian left. Ordered to charge by the KE Captain the Knights rush in and in a short melee engagement tear the Cryxian Jacks apart. While Cryx is able to kill many of their number each time they do the remaining troopers get stronger, and their fallen brethren are then resurrected to return to the fight. A KE unit that numbered 6 at the battle start is effectively killed 3-4 times over by the Cryx army but continues to fight on - during one phase of the battle alone the Testament of Menoth whose magic is boosted by the spirits of no less than 9 souls is able to resurrect 5 dead troopers.

Final throw of the dice for Cryx

The Testament calls his troops to him

Taking the bait the Cryxian General teleports toward the Testament of Menoth, where...

He/she/it is cut down

With his army dead around him (with the exception of a single cankerworm) the Cryxian general proceeds to teleport around the battlefield hoping to score a lucky shot on the Testament of Menoth, and aiming to stay as far away from the Knights Exemplar as possible. But he/she/it cannot run for long and is soon drawn into the centre of the Testaments KE bodyguard only to be brutually and efficiently cut down.

An awesome battle that lasted a long time this was a great introduction to the power and flexibility that the Testament of Menoth offers a Menoth army. With 5 focus and a Heirophant he can effectively resurrect two troopers a turn, add in a unit of Wracks and that number rises to three and more still if he is able to collect souls from the dead. His ability to prevent Cryx from collecting those same souls also weakened his opponent.

The rematch is going to be fun....

March 23, 2010

WIP - HE Dragon Princes

Finally started work on these guys again the other night. Finishing the horses first then starting on the riders. After a bit of thought I have taken up the suggestion made by Noeste and mixed up the colours of the surcoats so the models dont look to white.

Consequently, the undersides are purple while the tops are white. Touch ups and highlighting still need to be done on the purple areas, horses hooves and the jewels but otherwise the horses are finished.

Key problem I have is that my horse models are completely munted in that all but 2 models are missing tails, those that are missing tails have holes in them, many of the joints near the heads are worn away and rough, and the plastic on some of them is scratched. I have green stuff available to plug the holes etc but will leave that to the end as my green stuffing skills aren't that flash. If you want to see some fantastic green stuff sculpting work then I strongly suggest you visit Noestes blog as his stuff is simply amazing.

Another issue is the 2nd horse from the left looks a bit stunted because of how I attached it to its base and consequently the rider looks like he is on a pony. Going to have to paint up another one that fits better.

I also gave up on the idea of painting speckled horses as to be honest I really hate painting the things. I think its because they have such large uniform surface areas. The same goes for my High Elf Mages which I think I didn't like painting not so much because they were characters but because the sculpting etc on them wasnt that great - lots of flat surfaces etc.

Riders will be kept simple as well only a few splashes on colour principally on the surcoats and the Dragon emblems on their chest armour.

Going to take an army wide picture of all of my re-painted High Elves tonight just to see what they look like.

11 days till my first tournament of the year

March 22, 2010

Shopping wishlist & painting backlog

Ah so much to buy and so little, or should I say NO, money to buy anything with. If you really want to scare yourself as a gamer make a list of things you want to buy and things you havent painted yet. The Warmachine one in particular scares the bejesus out of my bank account. My current lists of things to do, get done and one day (when I win the lottery) buy are:

Models undercoated and waiting to be painted
HE Archers x18 (new ones)
HE Mage
HE Dragon Princes x10
HE Silver Helms x8

Reclaimer x2
Exemplar Seneschal
High Exemplar Gravus
Exemplars Errant x2
Idrian Skirmishers + Unit Attachment x10
Avatar of Menoth

Models waiting to be paint stripped and repainted
HE White Lion Chariot
HE Tiranoc Chariot
Dwarf Miners x20
Dwarf Thunderers x20

Exemplars Errant x8
Holy Zealots x8
Monolith Bearer
Flameguard Cleansers x6
Visigoth Rhoven & Honor Guard
(and possible every warjack I own)

Models I would like to purchase
HE Lion Chariot
Dwarf Anvil of Doom
Dwarf Ironbreakers x20
Dwarf Longbeards (Old School models) x17-37 (enough for 2 units)

Vice Scutator Vindictus
Feora Priestess of Flame
Vassal Mechanic
Vassal of Menoth
High Reclaimer Darton Vimoth
Covenant of Menoth
Knights Exemplar Unit
Deliverers x2
Exemplar Errants x2
Holy Zealots x2
Errant Seneschal
Knights Exemplar Standard Bearer attachment
Exemplar Cincerators Unit
Exemplar Bastions Unit
Exemplar Vengers Unit
Vanquisher Heavy Warjack x2
Templar Heavy Warjack x2

I mean they aren't long lists are they... not really ;)

Army List - 2,250pt High Elves vs. Dwarfs

Been working on my infantry only list for RUNEFANG III my 2nd tournament of the year. Its taking sometime to sort out all of the various suggestions I have been given. Current iteration, which I will try this week (hopefully) is:

Archmage Lvl 4
- Scroll, Folraiths, Silver Wand
Mage Lvl 2
- Seerstaff, Scroll

This gives me 8PD which is a bit low for HE as for a magic focused army 9PD is the standard. However, the Silver Wand on the Archmage means he gets 5/6 spells in any lore and the Lvl 2 with Seerstaff can choose his spells. So while the phase is down 1PD it becomes more focused.

- Barded Steed, DP Kit, GW, Helm of Fortune

Mounting the BSB is a cheap way of getting a good AS plus my BSB model is mounted and looks good so I want to take him. With Helm he gets a +1 rerollable save and will be hitting at S5/S6 on the charge and in melee. Did consider the Battle Banner or Standard of Balance but couldn't fit the points in and prefer to protect my characters (its the Dwarf in me)

Spears x20
- FC, Lion Banner

Points wise I would like to expand these guys to 23-25 models. Lion Banner makes the IFT

Archers x10
White Lions x15
- FC

No banner for these guys Stubborn is sufficient.

Phoenix Guard x17
- FC, Gem of Courage, War Banner

Gem of Courage and War Banner mean these guys are not going to run from many people. Yes at S4 they don't kill anybody but at AS 5+ and WS 4+ they are not dying either. Gem gives me a 3D6 drop one dice leadership test meaning I can use these guys to hold up a strong enemy unit.

Swordmasters x14
- Mu, Champion w. Loec

Big block of these guys which is unusual for me as I like to run 2 small units of 7. Talisman of Loec is a nasty one means you can re-roll all failed hits and wounds. Basically its a sacrificial item as once you use it the bearer takes a wound. Giving it to the Champion means 3 WS6 S5 re-rollable attacks. The idea is that you kill something before dying yourself.

Lion Chariot

Inclusion of Lion Chariot is a first for me as while I have one I have never used it - primarily as I brought it 2nd hand and the paint job looks like crap. But it does add an interesting dimension to an infantry list.

All up the list has 2 units that cause fear (PG & Chariot), one IFT and one Stubborn which is huge bonus in NZ tournaments which have a lot of fear causing enemies in them.

If I like the Lion Chariot it will have to be paint stripped and painted in a damn hurry if I am going to take it to RUNEFANG which is now only a month away, army list submission date 11th April.

Against Dwarfs this list has some key weaknesses but as an all round list it works pretty well. Possible changes to it would be:
- Drop an Eagle to increase size of Spears
- Drop Lion Chariot add in Shadow Warriors and beef up Spears
- Drop Lion Chariot and an Eagle for 2 units of Shadow Warriors
- Drop Eagle and give BSB Battle Banner (+D6 CR)

2nd High Elf Eagle finished

Finished this guy last night. Hasn't turned out as well as the first, and unfortunately looks shiny as I sprayed the Purity Seal on it from too close and it got too much. Cotton Wool clouds have turned out Ok'ish. Ill add some snow to the tops of the trees and branches on this, the other eagle and my White Lions tonight.

Photos aren't as good for some reason - camera has a mind of its own sometimes.

As the army is nearing completion I thought I would take a picture of the entire infantry force altogether as well so look out for that. The infantry based army will also be getting its first run out this week (hopefully) against Adams Dwarfs.

March 21, 2010

First High Elf Eagle finished

Finished work on this guy last night, second one isn't that far away and then its back onto the Dragon Princes. Of these I so far only really started doing the horses as I have been experimenting with various looks. Aim to get them finished within the week.

March 19, 2010

The marvels that other people provide

One of the sites I visit regularly i.e., almost daily is the online home of High Elf players worldwide (the Bugmans Brewery of the dainty pointy eared brigade). Among the items found there is the usual collection of peoples painting efforts.

Recently I have been drooling (and I mean drooling) over the following guys efforts. Link to more of his work is here.

Another favourite of mine is this guys work of which the following picture is an example.

Both armies are just amazing especially the depth of detail on each of them. The first in particular gives me something to aim for in relation to my own painting efforts - as the comparison between that mage and the two I recently finished shows that despite how far I have managed to come there is still a long way to go.

Always good to have things to aim for...

Speaking of which it is now only 14 days to NATCON my first tournament of 2010 - time to ensure my Dwarfs are packed and ready to go.

March 16, 2010

Vampire Counts @ 2,250pts: The Skeletal Horde

My 2000pt game with my Vampires last week got me thinking about what sort of VC army I might take to the local tournament scene. Sticking to my desired Skeleton based army (which would require me to buy 20 more Skeletons) I have modified my 2000pt list bringing it up to 2,250pts.

Vampire Lord Lvl 4
- Dreadknight, Dark Acolyte, Walking Death, Dreadlance, Wristbands of Black Gold
Vampire BSB Lvl 2
- Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of Protection, Avatar of Death, Beguile
Vampire Lvl 1
- Walachs Bloody Hauberk, Avatar of Death, Flying Horror
Skeletons x20
- FC
Skeletons x20
- FC
Skeletons x20
- FC
Ghouls x20
- Ghast
Corpse Cart
- Unholy Lodestone
Black Knights x8
- FC, Barding
Black Knights x8
- FC, Barding
Fell Bats x4

TOTAL 2,246 pts 8PD 6DD

Primary options would be to drop barding on Black Knights and possibly Ghouls to give Skeleton units magical banners. Also considered giving the Flying Vampire the Terror causing magical item just to really screw with people. Basic plan with flying Vampire is to deploy him behind the Bats so they act as a screen.

March 12, 2010

WHFB Battle Report - Vampires vs. Dwarfs @ 2000pts

Played only my 6th ever game with my Vampire Counts army last night against Adams Dwarfs. At 2000pts I was able to keep a nicely balanced Skeleton based force of:

Looking across the table at my stumpy enemy

Lord - Lvl 4
w. Walking Death, Dreadknight, Dreadlance, Dark Acolyte
Vampire - Lvl 2
w. Flayed Hauberk, GW, Beguile, Dark Acolyte
w. Corpse Cart, Unholy Lodestone, Sceptre de Noirot, 2 spells
Skeletons x20
w. FC, War Banner
Skeletons x20
w. FC, Banner of Dead Legion
Ghouls x20
Black Knights x8
w. FC, Barding
Black Knights x8
w. FC, Barding
Fell Bats x4

Up against this force Adam took his standard force of two big blocks of Warriors/Longbeards, a unit of Quarreller Rangers, Thunderers, Bolt-Thrower, Stone Thrower, Slayers and Gyrocopter. As a slight surprise his Runesmith was carrying 3 dispel scrolls rather the usual two.

Having not played Vampires in well over a year I was only vaguely aware of how best to play them and as it turned out I pretty much stuffed it up. After Adam castled up around a hill I spread myself out increasing the distance between the armies instead of reducing it. End result my infantry got in the way of the Black Knights and my General. The Slayers were able to hold the Generals Black Knight unit up for 3 turns and I kept forgetting to Vanhals my army forward. Consequently, it wasnt until Turn 4 that melee combat actually started which is way too late for Vampires to be effective.

But still it was a fun game which it always is against Adam who takes great delight in dancing around the table when things go his way. Having to constantly look up the unit stats for my Vampires was a bit annoying especially as with my Dwarfs I know them off by heart. That and my General who despite having his nice auto-hit lance managed to completely fail to kill anything important the entire game as he kept rolling 1's to wound.

Rematch with my High Elves against Adams Dwarves hopefully in a couple of weeks before I head off to NATCON.

Castled up in the corner - typical Dwarfs!?!

The Vampire horde gets ready to march

Dwarf Longbeards and Warriors await their fate

Marching forward VC General on right with Black Knights.
Corpse Cart in background has already been skewered by Bolt-Thrower

Whats this?!? Dwarfs marching out to do battle - is such a thing possible

Ah ha take that your Stumpy bearded little man things

Um why wont you just die already. The VC and Dwarf BSB's fight it out for 3 rounds

Zombie Dwarfs make a brief appearance tormenting their still breathing brethern

Final dice rolls of the game.
Red and Black dice are the Dwarf General failing to wound the VC General.
Blue dice are the wound rolls of the auto-hitting VC General on the Dwarf General.

One thing this game definately did though is confirm my desire to have a Skeleton based force for my Vampire Counts army and to try them out in tournament play this year. At 2000pts the army I used last night worked OK. The remaining 250-260pts I can use to add another Vampire Hero, drop the Necromancer and add another unit of Skeletons. Vampires would all have to get Lord of the Dead as well to enable me to increase Skeleton unit strengths beyond starting size as well.