March 22, 2010

2nd High Elf Eagle finished

Finished this guy last night. Hasn't turned out as well as the first, and unfortunately looks shiny as I sprayed the Purity Seal on it from too close and it got too much. Cotton Wool clouds have turned out Ok'ish. Ill add some snow to the tops of the trees and branches on this, the other eagle and my White Lions tonight.

Photos aren't as good for some reason - camera has a mind of its own sometimes.

As the army is nearing completion I thought I would take a picture of the entire infantry force altogether as well so look out for that. The infantry based army will also be getting its first run out this week (hopefully) against Adams Dwarfs.


Mike Howell said...

That is really cool. That's only a 40mm base, right?

John said...

Yeah mate 40mm it is - and thanks :)