March 22, 2010

Army List - 2,250pt High Elves vs. Dwarfs

Been working on my infantry only list for RUNEFANG III my 2nd tournament of the year. Its taking sometime to sort out all of the various suggestions I have been given. Current iteration, which I will try this week (hopefully) is:

Archmage Lvl 4
- Scroll, Folraiths, Silver Wand
Mage Lvl 2
- Seerstaff, Scroll

This gives me 8PD which is a bit low for HE as for a magic focused army 9PD is the standard. However, the Silver Wand on the Archmage means he gets 5/6 spells in any lore and the Lvl 2 with Seerstaff can choose his spells. So while the phase is down 1PD it becomes more focused.

- Barded Steed, DP Kit, GW, Helm of Fortune

Mounting the BSB is a cheap way of getting a good AS plus my BSB model is mounted and looks good so I want to take him. With Helm he gets a +1 rerollable save and will be hitting at S5/S6 on the charge and in melee. Did consider the Battle Banner or Standard of Balance but couldn't fit the points in and prefer to protect my characters (its the Dwarf in me)

Spears x20
- FC, Lion Banner

Points wise I would like to expand these guys to 23-25 models. Lion Banner makes the IFT

Archers x10
White Lions x15
- FC

No banner for these guys Stubborn is sufficient.

Phoenix Guard x17
- FC, Gem of Courage, War Banner

Gem of Courage and War Banner mean these guys are not going to run from many people. Yes at S4 they don't kill anybody but at AS 5+ and WS 4+ they are not dying either. Gem gives me a 3D6 drop one dice leadership test meaning I can use these guys to hold up a strong enemy unit.

Swordmasters x14
- Mu, Champion w. Loec

Big block of these guys which is unusual for me as I like to run 2 small units of 7. Talisman of Loec is a nasty one means you can re-roll all failed hits and wounds. Basically its a sacrificial item as once you use it the bearer takes a wound. Giving it to the Champion means 3 WS6 S5 re-rollable attacks. The idea is that you kill something before dying yourself.

Lion Chariot

Inclusion of Lion Chariot is a first for me as while I have one I have never used it - primarily as I brought it 2nd hand and the paint job looks like crap. But it does add an interesting dimension to an infantry list.

All up the list has 2 units that cause fear (PG & Chariot), one IFT and one Stubborn which is huge bonus in NZ tournaments which have a lot of fear causing enemies in them.

If I like the Lion Chariot it will have to be paint stripped and painted in a damn hurry if I am going to take it to RUNEFANG which is now only a month away, army list submission date 11th April.

Against Dwarfs this list has some key weaknesses but as an all round list it works pretty well. Possible changes to it would be:
- Drop an Eagle to increase size of Spears
- Drop Lion Chariot add in Shadow Warriors and beef up Spears
- Drop Lion Chariot and an Eagle for 2 units of Shadow Warriors
- Drop Eagle and give BSB Battle Banner (+D6 CR)

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