March 21, 2010

First High Elf Eagle finished

Finished work on this guy last night, second one isn't that far away and then its back onto the Dragon Princes. Of these I so far only really started doing the horses as I have been experimenting with various looks. Aim to get them finished within the week.


noeste said...

Your eagle's looking great! I think it was a great idea to use a Warmaster mini, instead of the big Warhammer ones.

One comment regarding the base - usually when there's snow on the ground, some snow should be clinging to the branches and trees. Or that's my personal experience from snowy Norway ;>

Hope to see the other soon, as already stated, the first one's looking splendid!

Kuffeh said...

I really like it. I agree with noeste, a nice idea using the warmaster eagles.

John said...

Thanks guys snow will be added as you suggest to these guys and the White Lions