March 11, 2010

High Elf Mages & Menoth Paladin Complete

Due to my avoidance of the Dragon Prince unit that needs painting I have over the last week managed to finish two of the mages for my High Elf army and the 2nd of my Paladin's for my Protectorate army.

I still think that the Paladins are the best bits of painting I have ever done on a single model. Having the two of them side by side looks awesome - all I need now is Darton Vilmoth to complete the set.

Mages aren't that flash because to be honest I find painting characters to be a real pain in the butt. I just don't enjoy it for some reason and much prefer painting units. Must be because any individual flaws on single models get lost in a unit whereas with a character there is the expectation that the solo model will look awesome and flawless. If only... next project will be the Dragon Princes.

Also scored 18 High Elf Archers off TradeMe last week for $20 - the new ones not the old ones I have now. These have been undercoated and based and await paint. They'll be next after the Dragon Princes. Means I can field a larger amount of core units if I like - especially if I get the 2nd unit of Spears painted up as well - I will need to do at least 5-6 individual models to cater for models that die during combat at some point.

High Elf Mages
As you can see I disliked painting these guys so much I didnt even finish off the jewels or take time to put writing onto the spell books. Faces turned out best of everything on them just liberal coats of Ogre Flesh Wash over Dwarf Flesh and High Elf Flesh highlights seems to work wonders. Rest of detailing I kept to a minimum.

Paladin Order of the Wall
First pictures are off the 2nd stage of painting which was application of primary colours over the undercoat. Unfortunately between this stage and completion the guys sword broke off - going to have to pin it back on once I buy some new small rods to do it with.

Painting stage 2

The Completed Model

Comparison with the 1st Paladin


Binz said...

verrry nice looking paladin john!!

You do have to get vilmon now though :)

Mike Howell said...

Your wall is now thoroughly protected.

Does vilmon give the kind of whoop to paladins in mkii that he did in ... what do we call it now, mki?

Love the verdant basing, btw.

John said...

Yeah he can give them Impervious wall which basically makes them immune to knock down etc. Add Stone and Mortar in and they are pretty hard to kill off.

@Toshi - he will be next on my order list along with the Covenant of Menoth

Kuffeh said...

Some nice looking stuff there dude. Though, of course I have some comments. -___^

Its interesting that you feel like that about characters. Personally I am the opposite. I love to paint them, give the chance to make them stand out and do really nice paint jobs on them.

However, there are some things on them I picked up on. An obvious moldline on the arm of the first mage. And the paint looks a little heavy on them, not too bad but a little bit none the less.

The paladin looks really nice though. Good work.