March 19, 2010

The marvels that other people provide

One of the sites I visit regularly i.e., almost daily is the online home of High Elf players worldwide (the Bugmans Brewery of the dainty pointy eared brigade). Among the items found there is the usual collection of peoples painting efforts.

Recently I have been drooling (and I mean drooling) over the following guys efforts. Link to more of his work is here.

Another favourite of mine is this guys work of which the following picture is an example.

Both armies are just amazing especially the depth of detail on each of them. The first in particular gives me something to aim for in relation to my own painting efforts - as the comparison between that mage and the two I recently finished shows that despite how far I have managed to come there is still a long way to go.

Always good to have things to aim for...

Speaking of which it is now only 14 days to NATCON my first tournament of 2010 - time to ensure my Dwarfs are packed and ready to go.

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