March 3, 2010

Latest acquisitions & WIP HE Horses

Latest additions to my collection, all arrived over last couple of months but have only just got round to getting them sorted out. Key new arrival is a set of Warmaster Eagles for my High Elves. This are the small scale ones used in the 10mm version of Warhammer at $25 for 3 it beats the hell out of buying a single normal sized Eagle for $50-70 (depending upon source).


Other additions are for my Protectorate of Menoth army and include. Paladin Order of the Wall variant pose, to allow me to take the full field allowance of two in each army.

Two Reclaimers to add into any High Reclaimer list, will also get Covenant of Menoth at some point. Gives me very powerful all infantry force which effectively gets stronger the more of it you kill.

Finally, the big one High Exemplar Gravus the Knight Exemplar character solo who will form the centrepiece of my Exemplar themed Kreoss army lists.

And finally there is the test model for my High Elf Dragon Prince horses. After a helpful suggestion from Noeste I have decided to make the surcoats purple with white backing. The reins will also be a mixture of purple trim and white primary colours.

Hope to get test model finished tonight so I can see if it works. The rod sticking up out of the saddle is something I use to keep my riders on their horses. Basically I drill a hole in their arse, and slot them onto the rod on the saddle when using them. I used to glue the riders to the horses but that made them harder to transport. This way the stay on and I can pack them away easier.

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