March 29, 2010

NATCON Army lists published

With 32 competitors NATCON this weekend (assuming my Bank Account which emptied itself mysteriously this week allows me to go) is shaping up to be a fun tournament. With the army lists being made fully public, in that they have been emailed to all concerned and posted online, the inevitable discussions have begun about what is and isn't considered OTT. Personally I really don't care what people bring as long as the games are fair and friendly. Besides being a Dwarf I am used to being slow and outnumbered.

Range of armies at the tournament is interesting more for what isn't there rather than what is:

Armies at NATCON 2010
Warriors of Chaos 6
Dark Elves 4
Lizards 5
Vampire Counts 3
Dwarfs 3 (including mine)
Skaven 4
Beasts of Chaos 1
High Elves 2
Tomb King 1
Wood Elves 2
Empire 1

A quick review of whats on the army lists shows that compared to my Dwarf army I am going to play every game heavily outnumbered against multiple units of knights/flyers/chariots and using my dispel scrolls within the first 1-2 turns. So NATCON might just be a Castle up tournament which isn't going to help me at all as my Dwarf army is built around the Strollaz Rune meaning I am going to be marching forward. I also have 10 fewer missile troops, 10 fewer infantry troops and a slightly less reliable war machine set up then normal.

Now I have lots of reading to do so I can make notes about what ALL of the various army lists are going to do to me when/if I meet them.

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