March 8, 2010

NATCON only 3 weeks away

Only 3 and a bit weeks to my first tournament of the year NATCON 2010. Latest information is that around 120 people are attending across all of the gaming fields with Warhammer Fantasy providing the biggest turn out at 28. Its lower than I expected but as there are usually some last minute additions it will hopefully get up to around 30-35 before the start date 2nd April.

Also re-checked the players pack for my 2nd tournament of 2010 Runefang III and I got the army list submission date wrong pegging it as earlier than it really was. Final date for submitting your army list is April 10th which means I may just have enough time to complete the painting of my High Elves ready to field them again. Just 2 Eagles, a minimum of one mage, 5 Shadow Warriors, and 5 Dragon Princes to paint and they're all done.

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