March 22, 2010

Shopping wishlist & painting backlog

Ah so much to buy and so little, or should I say NO, money to buy anything with. If you really want to scare yourself as a gamer make a list of things you want to buy and things you havent painted yet. The Warmachine one in particular scares the bejesus out of my bank account. My current lists of things to do, get done and one day (when I win the lottery) buy are:

Models undercoated and waiting to be painted
HE Archers x18 (new ones)
HE Mage
HE Dragon Princes x10
HE Silver Helms x8

Reclaimer x2
Exemplar Seneschal
High Exemplar Gravus
Exemplars Errant x2
Idrian Skirmishers + Unit Attachment x10
Avatar of Menoth

Models waiting to be paint stripped and repainted
HE White Lion Chariot
HE Tiranoc Chariot
Dwarf Miners x20
Dwarf Thunderers x20

Exemplars Errant x8
Holy Zealots x8
Monolith Bearer
Flameguard Cleansers x6
Visigoth Rhoven & Honor Guard
(and possible every warjack I own)

Models I would like to purchase
HE Lion Chariot
Dwarf Anvil of Doom
Dwarf Ironbreakers x20
Dwarf Longbeards (Old School models) x17-37 (enough for 2 units)

Vice Scutator Vindictus
Feora Priestess of Flame
Vassal Mechanic
Vassal of Menoth
High Reclaimer Darton Vimoth
Covenant of Menoth
Knights Exemplar Unit
Deliverers x2
Exemplar Errants x2
Holy Zealots x2
Errant Seneschal
Knights Exemplar Standard Bearer attachment
Exemplar Cincerators Unit
Exemplar Bastions Unit
Exemplar Vengers Unit
Vanquisher Heavy Warjack x2
Templar Heavy Warjack x2

I mean they aren't long lists are they... not really ;)

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