March 25, 2010

Tournament army pictures - Dwarfs & High Elves

NATCON is now only 8 days away and I have just realised that I have played more games of Warmachine since my last tournament than Warhammer so am incredibly unprepared for it. In fact over the last 6 months, since my club closed up for the holidays, I believe I have played 2 maybe 3 games of Warhammer NONE with the Dwarfs I am taking to NATCON.

So, the 8 games I will be playing there are going to be on a VERY steep learning curve heres hoping I can remember everything I learnt last season.

Also decided on some goals for this years tournament season:
- Attend a minimum of four tournaments
- Get at least one top 10 finish
- Finish the season with a 50:50 win/loss ratio
- Move my national ranking into the Top 40, currently its 58

As for the armies I am taking, for NATCON next weekend its my Dwarfs after that its High Elves all the way as 2010 is a pointy ear year. Anyway here are some pictures of my respective Dwarf and High Elf tournament armies.


The army as a whole.
Longbeards & Hammerers up front, Quarrellers & Warriors at the back
Very different from normal army as it contains 2 less core units & 1 extra character

Longbeards bearing the runic emblem of their hold Karak Thorinkin, Organ Gun behind

Stonethrower and small unit of Warriors


All packed away with rulebook, templates and army list awaiting tournament time

High Elves

The army as a whole
Spears, White Lions & Phoenix Guard up front - Swordmasters etc at back

Phoenix Guard and mounted BSB

Swordmasters & Spear Elves in front, Archers, Eagle & RBT in background

Archers, Great Eagle and RBT

White Lions, BSB & Phoenix Guard


Dennis said...

Must be nice being able to fit the army into such a small box... I can't even fit my 2250 points into an army carry bag :P

John said...

Yeah its nice and handy, boxes were cheap too only $6 at local hardware store have all 3 of my armies in them.

Mind you with Dwarfs 2250pts is never going to give you a lot of models. :)