March 25, 2010

Warmachine Battle Report - Menoth v Cryx @ 35pts


Epic marathon a battle between my Menoth and Toshis Cryx army the other day. Up against a small force of fast moving heavy Cryx Warjacks I took a larger primarily infantry force of:

Testament of Menoth
Choir (4)
Darton Vilmon
Paladin Order of Wall
Paladin Order of Wall
Knights Exemplar (6)
Exemplar Errants (6)
Deliverers (10)

Menoth deploys
Testament, Choir & Jacks in centre
Deliverers & Paladins on right, Exemplars on left

The enemy pre deloyment

Opening Gambits

Opening Gambits 2

The opening stages of the battle saw the Exemplar Errants (EE) advance forward to delay the Cryx advance the Revenger close behind. With Hallowed Vengeance continually cast on it the goal was to get it and the EE close to Cryx, get Cryx to kill an EE trooper thus triggering the spell and allowing the Revenger to go charging into the main Cryx battleline. My sacrificial this would allow the remainder of the Menoth army to move up and force Cryx to change its tactics.

Meanwhile the Knights Exemplar (KE) and the Reclaimer advanced on the left. The Reclaimer and the KE would only get stronger as individual KE died. Each death strengthening the attacks and defence of the remaining KE, and the souls of the dead KE boosting the Reclaimers attacks. Spreading out this way also forced Cryx to spread its smaller forces.

First charge of the Hallowed Avenger

A pile of twisted scrap is all that remains of the Revenger, but it succeeds in forcing back the main elements of the Cryx army

The opening gambit works and the Revenger goes charging in after a nearby EE is killed by Cryx magic. Charging in it severly cripples the heavy Cryx Warjack to its front and forces the nearby Cryx Warcaster to either join the attack or teleport away to safety. While the Revenger would be reduced to scrap by its Cryxian opponent its initial charge was invaluable and forcing Cryx to divide its forces.

The main units of Menoth army advance

Reclaimer & Knights Exemplar brutalise a Cryxian Heavy Warjack

With the Cryxian centre engaged by the Revenger the KE advance on the left where they are charged by the 2nd Cryxian Heavy Jack. While it kills 5 of the 6 KE it is unable to finish the unit off an error that will come back to haunt the Cryx general as the Testament of Menoth spends the rest of the battle casting 'Revive' over and over continually resurrecting the dead KE and keeping the unit at full strength. Meanwhile the souls of the 5 dead KE strengthen the Reclaimer and the remaining KE who reduce the Cryxian Jack to a twisted pile of metal.

Deliverers volley fire their rockets as the Paladins close in on the Cryxian left

Paladins charge into the small Cryxian Jacks

On the Menoth right things arent going as well. Two stealthy and well armoured Cryxian Light Warjacks have torn through the EE and are now threatening the rocket firing Deliverers. As a result High Paladin Darton Vilmon and a single Paladin Order of the Wall charge in to meet them. While the Paladin comes with a whisker and killing one of the Cryxian Jacks with a single blow neither he nor Darton are able to finish them off. With the charge weakening their normally resolute defence both are finished off once again leaving the Menoth right flank open to attack. Meanwhile in the Menoth rear a Cryx Ghost is threatening to out flank the Testamant and has already finished off the 2nd Paladin. Only a few lucky shots from the Deliverers manage to kill it off.

Turning Pt 1
The Crusader leaves nothing but an empty base after squashing its Cryx opponent

In the a major turning point in a battle that is delicately poised the Testament of Menoth orders the Crusader to charge into the remaining Cryxian Heavy Warjack. In the brutal melee that only comes from robot on robot combat the Cryxian Jack is squashed to a pulp leaving the Cryxian army severly depleted and the Crusader open to charge its rear.

Knights Exemplar charge the Cryxian left

Meanwhile the Testament of Menoth worried about the threat of the 2 small Stealthy Cryxian Jacks on his right resurrects the fallen members of the KE unit spreading the newly revived troopers out toward the Cryxian left. Ordered to charge by the KE Captain the Knights rush in and in a short melee engagement tear the Cryxian Jacks apart. While Cryx is able to kill many of their number each time they do the remaining troopers get stronger, and their fallen brethren are then resurrected to return to the fight. A KE unit that numbered 6 at the battle start is effectively killed 3-4 times over by the Cryx army but continues to fight on - during one phase of the battle alone the Testament of Menoth whose magic is boosted by the spirits of no less than 9 souls is able to resurrect 5 dead troopers.

Final throw of the dice for Cryx

The Testament calls his troops to him

Taking the bait the Cryxian General teleports toward the Testament of Menoth, where...

He/she/it is cut down

With his army dead around him (with the exception of a single cankerworm) the Cryxian general proceeds to teleport around the battlefield hoping to score a lucky shot on the Testament of Menoth, and aiming to stay as far away from the Knights Exemplar as possible. But he/she/it cannot run for long and is soon drawn into the centre of the Testaments KE bodyguard only to be brutually and efficiently cut down.

An awesome battle that lasted a long time this was a great introduction to the power and flexibility that the Testament of Menoth offers a Menoth army. With 5 focus and a Heirophant he can effectively resurrect two troopers a turn, add in a unit of Wracks and that number rises to three and more still if he is able to collect souls from the dead. His ability to prevent Cryx from collecting those same souls also weakened his opponent.

The rematch is going to be fun....

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