March 12, 2010

WHFB Battle Report - Vampires vs. Dwarfs @ 2000pts

Played only my 6th ever game with my Vampire Counts army last night against Adams Dwarfs. At 2000pts I was able to keep a nicely balanced Skeleton based force of:

Looking across the table at my stumpy enemy

Lord - Lvl 4
w. Walking Death, Dreadknight, Dreadlance, Dark Acolyte
Vampire - Lvl 2
w. Flayed Hauberk, GW, Beguile, Dark Acolyte
w. Corpse Cart, Unholy Lodestone, Sceptre de Noirot, 2 spells
Skeletons x20
w. FC, War Banner
Skeletons x20
w. FC, Banner of Dead Legion
Ghouls x20
Black Knights x8
w. FC, Barding
Black Knights x8
w. FC, Barding
Fell Bats x4

Up against this force Adam took his standard force of two big blocks of Warriors/Longbeards, a unit of Quarreller Rangers, Thunderers, Bolt-Thrower, Stone Thrower, Slayers and Gyrocopter. As a slight surprise his Runesmith was carrying 3 dispel scrolls rather the usual two.

Having not played Vampires in well over a year I was only vaguely aware of how best to play them and as it turned out I pretty much stuffed it up. After Adam castled up around a hill I spread myself out increasing the distance between the armies instead of reducing it. End result my infantry got in the way of the Black Knights and my General. The Slayers were able to hold the Generals Black Knight unit up for 3 turns and I kept forgetting to Vanhals my army forward. Consequently, it wasnt until Turn 4 that melee combat actually started which is way too late for Vampires to be effective.

But still it was a fun game which it always is against Adam who takes great delight in dancing around the table when things go his way. Having to constantly look up the unit stats for my Vampires was a bit annoying especially as with my Dwarfs I know them off by heart. That and my General who despite having his nice auto-hit lance managed to completely fail to kill anything important the entire game as he kept rolling 1's to wound.

Rematch with my High Elves against Adams Dwarves hopefully in a couple of weeks before I head off to NATCON.

Castled up in the corner - typical Dwarfs!?!

The Vampire horde gets ready to march

Dwarf Longbeards and Warriors await their fate

Marching forward VC General on right with Black Knights.
Corpse Cart in background has already been skewered by Bolt-Thrower

Whats this?!? Dwarfs marching out to do battle - is such a thing possible

Ah ha take that your Stumpy bearded little man things

Um why wont you just die already. The VC and Dwarf BSB's fight it out for 3 rounds

Zombie Dwarfs make a brief appearance tormenting their still breathing brethern

Final dice rolls of the game.
Red and Black dice are the Dwarf General failing to wound the VC General.
Blue dice are the wound rolls of the auto-hitting VC General on the Dwarf General.

One thing this game definately did though is confirm my desire to have a Skeleton based force for my Vampire Counts army and to try them out in tournament play this year. At 2000pts the army I used last night worked OK. The remaining 250-260pts I can use to add another Vampire Hero, drop the Necromancer and add another unit of Skeletons. Vampires would all have to get Lord of the Dead as well to enable me to increase Skeleton unit strengths beyond starting size as well.

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Darth Weasel said...

eh, cannot win them all, and as you point enjoyed the game, so that is good