March 23, 2010

WIP - HE Dragon Princes

Finally started work on these guys again the other night. Finishing the horses first then starting on the riders. After a bit of thought I have taken up the suggestion made by Noeste and mixed up the colours of the surcoats so the models dont look to white.

Consequently, the undersides are purple while the tops are white. Touch ups and highlighting still need to be done on the purple areas, horses hooves and the jewels but otherwise the horses are finished.

Key problem I have is that my horse models are completely munted in that all but 2 models are missing tails, those that are missing tails have holes in them, many of the joints near the heads are worn away and rough, and the plastic on some of them is scratched. I have green stuff available to plug the holes etc but will leave that to the end as my green stuffing skills aren't that flash. If you want to see some fantastic green stuff sculpting work then I strongly suggest you visit Noestes blog as his stuff is simply amazing.

Another issue is the 2nd horse from the left looks a bit stunted because of how I attached it to its base and consequently the rider looks like he is on a pony. Going to have to paint up another one that fits better.

I also gave up on the idea of painting speckled horses as to be honest I really hate painting the things. I think its because they have such large uniform surface areas. The same goes for my High Elf Mages which I think I didn't like painting not so much because they were characters but because the sculpting etc on them wasnt that great - lots of flat surfaces etc.

Riders will be kept simple as well only a few splashes on colour principally on the surcoats and the Dragon emblems on their chest armour.

Going to take an army wide picture of all of my re-painted High Elves tonight just to see what they look like.

11 days till my first tournament of the year

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