March 4, 2010

WIP - HE Great Eagles & Menoth

Assembled two of my Warmaster Eagles last night and began work on the bases I am going to put together for them. Following the work I did on my HE White Lions I have decided to continue the forest/snow theme and do more work than usual on these guys.

This first Eagle will be based on a snowy mountain top. The two mounds will form the peaks of the mountains with a small tree sticking out of the top of the larger one. I will most likely reduce the size of the branch sticking out there to help with scaling relative to the miniature. Around the base of the peaks (in between them) I plan on putting pieces of cotton wool to form a layer of what will hopefully look like Cloud. The idea is to have the Eagle sitting on top of high peak looking through the cloud layer at his prey below.

The second model will also be sitting on a mountain but this one will be lower down so no clouds and slightly less snow. I will also give this particular model a larger amount of tree flock to try and create the impression that its sitting on top of a wooded mountain peak, say above the home of my White Lion Regiment.

Didn't complete anymore painting on the Dragon Princes as quite frankly I hate painting horses and needed a break. So I concentrated on putting the Eagles together and putting the base coats onto some of my Menoth stuff.

Menoth WIP
The picture below is of my two Paladin Order of the Wall solos. The figure on the right is the alternate variant I finally glued together yesterday. Ill paint it in exactly the same scheme as the guy on the left. Major difference here is that the altered pose means there is more detailing available on the front of the model and on the cape requiring a greater level of work to get the right look.

The other Menoth unit in production are my Deliverers which under Mk2 rules are now 2 models short. Under Mk1 you could increase the standard unit of 6 by a single model at time up to a maximum of ten. But under Mk2 its a unit of 6 or a unit of 10 so I need two more at some point.

The Deliverers will get the same colour scheme as the crewmen from the Sunburst as will all of my remaining Menoth units once I get around to paint stripping and re-painting them all. Considering I have around 100+ models that is going to take some time.

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noeste said...

I really like your use of Warmaster Eagles! Your ideas for basing soudns great as well, looking forward to the next update with them.