March 5, 2010

WIP - HE Mages/Dragon Princes & Menoth

Latest pics of work completed last night on units currently on painting table. Work has concentrated on applying the primary base coat colours, washing, and using Chaos Black to bring out the shaded areas and highlighting.

High Elf Mages
The High Elf Mages include one from the standard GW box of two mage figures. The other is an alternate miniature from the Avatars of War range which I ordered a while back from Phoenix Forge in Australia.

Basecoats for both mages were Hormaguant Purple, Adeptus Battlegrey, Scorched Brown and Bolt Gun Metal. Badab Black wash went over the Bolt-Gun metal areas along with Purple Wash on armour of Avatars of War Mage. Purple Wash also went over purple areas particularly recesses. Chaos Black applied in usual areas to highlight key places. I do this at this early stage so I can tidy it up better when I start applying the principle colours.

I spotted the Avatars of War range a while ago but couldn't order any as they are a German company and the postage was too expensive. Luckily Phoenix Forge in Australia has started supplying them and I was able to order my first figure from there relatively cheaply. Scale wise the size is perfect and the molding is very good. They are more expensive than standard models but provide a nice point of difference. The blister for this model looks like this

Dragon Princes
Only real work here was the application of my standard snow mix to the bases. I did this as I made too much for the bases of my HE Bolt-Throwers and didnt want to waste it. Mixture I put together consists of:
- Baking Soda
- GF9 Snow Flock
- PVA Glue
- Water

Just mix it together till you get a nice consistency, only use a small amount of the flock, then apply with a brush. I let it dry a bit then sprinkle more Snow flock on top. Let it dry overnight clean the base up then spray it with Purity Seal. I do this last step as if you dont the snow flock has a tendency to flake off too easily. Purity Seal also gives it a somewhat cleaner finish - not sure why.

Paladin Order of the Wall
Same process as with HE Mages - Purple, Bolt-Gun Metal and Scorched Brown base coats which are then washed and followed up with model getting shading added with Chaos Black. You can see the effect of this most clearly on the Paladins Shield.

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purpledtentacle said...

Actually AoW is a Spanish company.