March 3, 2010

WM Battle Reports - Menoth vs. Khador @ 35pts

Played two more 35pt games vs. Toshis Khador yesterday taking Kreoss and Feora up against a Butcher led list whose make up I can't recall atm have to get Toshi to send it to me so I can post it. But basically it was nasty.
(Pictures taken on phone so quality lower than normal)

Game 1 - Kreoss vs. Butcher
My army list for this game was:

- Fire of Salvation
- Devout
- Devout
Knights Exemplar (6)
Knights Exemplar (6)
Exemplar Seneschal
Exemplar Seneschal
Juviah Rhoven & Bodyguard

Deployment and first turn see me go first. Units of Exemplars on either flank along with a single Seneschal. Juviah goes on the right flank. Jacks in middle and Kreoss hangs back with a single Devout and the Heirophant. Opening turns don't go to well as Khador snipers take out the left hand unit of Exemplars. Only saving grace is Kreoss spell effects causing the offending Snipers to be knocked down every time they killed an Exemplar putting them out of the game for 1-2 turns.

On the right the other Exemplars and Juviah are chewed up by a Grenade throwing Khador Heavy Warjack that literally tears them to pieces. The Butchers feat gives all Khador units an extra dice on their damage rolls, meaning they get 4D6 on the charge or 5d6 if they are Weapon Masters.

Jacks go up the middle and get into combat with the Khador heavy infantry, basically the equivalent of Menoth Bastions without the ability to swap damage. Fire of Salvation chop threw a couple but only after they are brutalised by a Khadorian charge.

The middle of the board is covered in wrecked warjacks as my units get beaten to a plup. Only a single Devout remains where it valiantly holds off the rampaging Khadorian infantry.

Final act of the game sees Kreoss all alone, as everything else is dead, charge into the wreck strewn middle ground and die honorably against impossible odds.

Game 2 - Feora vs. Butcher
My army list for this game was:

- Castigator
- Devout
- Devout
- Devout
- Devout
Temple Flameguard (10) + UA
Choir (4)

Right different plan this time. Flameguard will act as a human shield for the Jacks, Ill run straight up the board go nuts with the spells and crash into the Khadorian infantry before killing everyone with Feora spelled up with Engine of Destruction.

Flameguard look ahead to the Khadorian line

Temple Flameguard advance to take out the pesky Khadorian snipers.
Row of dice on left is Feora's Wall of Fire keeping the Hunters at bay

Oh Crap their infantry is BIGGER than my infantry and they have bigger sticks to whack me with

Die snipers die

CHARGE ah oh shit... its the Grenade throwing thing again... run away run away

Oh damn everyone else is dead. Quick time for another wall of fire.

Bugger the hiding lets charge in... Feora fire breating engine of destruction HO!!!

A better game this time round, but once again that damn Khadorian Heavy Warjack just decimated by battleline. It single handedly dealt to my Castigator and two of the Devouts before getting even more annoying as it refused to die. The sole remaining Devouts chopped throught the Khadorian infantry, trampling over the corpses of the Flameguard as they did so. But soon only Feora and her Heirophant were left. Off goes Harmonious Exhaltation, and charge goes Feora with Engine of Destruction boosting her stats to MAT 10 and 2xPS17 attacks which she promptly used to chop the Khadorian heavy infantry into mince meat. Unfortunately she charged after being horribly wounded and died soon after *sigh*

Final thoughts on both games
Kreoss needs more infantry and they have to get into combat first. I also need missile troops in an infantry army to keep those damn snipers at bay. pFeora worked a treat as always but I needed to use her more aggressively and charge her straight up Jacks in tow. Eiryss would have come in handy to take out that damn Grenade throwing thing.

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Binz said...

ahhh the Devastator.

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