April 30, 2010

WIP - High Elf Dragon Princes

Stuck these guys together the other night and discovered I had lost half of their shields and have had to proxy in bits from other kits, hence the wide variation in whats there. Only one guy is painted so far (not inc. shield) rest will get done over next week or so in preparation for HORNED RAT in July.

Banner is a spare BSB one I got from BitzBox a long time ago. Wanted to put an Archer banner onto the unit alah all of my infantry blocks but attaching this was much easier, plus it looks cooler.

Spears & Archers will be the next project after that. Picture is of TBC Spear unit on 7x3 base with 1 of 2 unit fillers I am going to trick out as well, ill just pile snow up around the base of it and then carve some runes into the sides of the column. A golden/statue type Swordmaster model will go on top - I have around 8-10 spare SM models so why not use them for something.

Whats a fair price for selling a unit?

Vampire Counts are definately going on TradeMe - I enjoyed collecting and painting them but not playing them so their sale will fund my journey into Flames of War.

Question is what is a fair price for each of the units I have? I plan to sell each unit separately as selling an entire army will prove difficult.

For example a regiment of 20 Skeletons would cost $90 in most NZ shops - $45 for each box set of 10 Skeletons models. Add in the movement tray for $2-3, and the magnets I use to attach it model to the tray $5 and the time etc spent painting and its hard to put a realistic and more importantly sellable figure on it.

What would you be willing to pay for this unit (albiet with 20 not 30 models as in the picture)

Offering 20 bare bones Skeleton models for NZ$30-40 would seem fair as you are getting 2 lots for the price of one. But magnetised, flocked and (I think) very well painted and what do you put the price to now? $60-70?????

April 29, 2010

Trying a new game - Flames of War & selling my Vampires

After seeing it being played so much at my local club and at tournaments I have decided to give the New Zealand designed Flames of War ago. I am actually surprised I didnt get into this first rather than Warhammer as I spent a ton of time as a kid playing with toy soldiers and with mates making up various complex rules alah FoW.

After borrowing a rulebook and going through various online sources I have decided that if (AND ITS A BIG BUDGETARY IF) I start to collect a FoW army it will be a German Fallschirmjager (Parachute) Company either early war (alah invasion of Holland & Greece) or late war (Russian Front).

Going to have my first go with it tonight at my club to see what its like. Advantage is one of our senior club members is also the official miniature designer for FoW so there are a lot of spare armies floating around I can borrow.

To start I will need a couple of basic rulebooks (main 2nd edition book + army intelligence book) and rougly 600pts of miniatures which at this stage I can get for around 43 pounds or approx NZ$90. Should be fun.

Also decided I am going to sell my Vampire Counts army. Basically I never use them and have given up on painting them so will be putting it up on TradeMe over the next week or so. It will be very hard to sell them as after putting SO MUCH effort into painting them etc I am reluctant to let them go. But I don't see myself ever using them full-time as I am fully committed to my High Elves and Dwarfs re: Tournament play.

Selling these guys will help fund any FoW army I decide to start.

Up for sale will be the following painted miniatures:
- 3 Vampire Heros (1 mounted)
- 40 Skeletons
- 40 Zombies
- 10 Ghouls
- 8 Black Knights converted from TK Cavalry
- 4 Fell Bats
- 1 Corpse Cart
- 4 Spirit Hosts
- 5 Dire Wolves

All of these guys are magnetised as are their movement trays

and unpainted miniatures
- 8 Black Knights converted from TK Cavalry
- 4 Banshees/Wraiths
- 10 Grave Guard
- 5 Dire Wolves

Some samples of what they look like...

WHFB Tournament Pictorial Report P4of5

RUNEFANG III - vs. Lizardmen
Loss 6-14

My army lines up with majority of infantry massed in centre ready to wheel left into Lizardman army.

My opponents army and my opening moves Eagles flying forward to march block. Stupidly I put one on top of the hill where it can be seen and charged by the LM Terradons.

The major melee begins as my core infantry units smash into the LM line. Swordmasters and Spears both get charges off on the LM BSB and Saurus while the PG hold back lining up the Slanns Temple Guard in case they try to counter charge the SM.

Meanwhile to the rear my mages safe in their forest & White Lion bunkers try to counter the LM right flank units - the Cold Ones, 2nd unit of Saurus and the Terradons.

The Slann charges the PG unit while the Spears and SM reduce the Saurus unit enough to allow the Spears to begin moving forward. Unfortunately their right hand edge clips the difficult terrain slowing any move. Do I try to swing them around behind the remaining Saurus to flank charge the Slann or simply move them forward.

To late the decision is made for me. After 2-3 rounds of combat the PG are routed by the Slann and the Temple Guard and flee. The Temple Guard in turn charge into the flank of the SM who have only just finished off the Saurus Warriors, a process that took longer after my BSB was killed by his LM equivalent. Seeing the inevitable demise of the SM the Spear unit reforms facing up to the expected Temple Guard overrun.

Meanwhile the Cold One Knights see their only action of the game brutalising the poor unarmoured Archers.

Frustration point #1 - I land 18 hits from Conflaguration of Doom, a Wall of Fire and a flank shot from an RBT onto this unit of Saurus and their accompanying hero. All that is left at the end of the turn is this solitary model which fails to panic. In the LM next turn Wall of Fire is dispelled and the single model runs away where I am unable to catch it without exposing my Archmage to the Cold One Knights and the Engine of the Gods.
Frustration Point #2 and end of game. After the Temple Guard slaughter the PG, SM and Spears I only have a single RBT, my Archmage and 6 White Lions left (that damn Engine of the Gods killed the rest). Unfortunately my mage is facing the wrong way and get move far enough to get the solitary Saurus model from his last attacks into sight. So he goes after the Slanns unit. Once again Conflaguration of Doom scores big with 14 hits as does Wall of Fire and the remaining RBT. But it isnt enough the Temple Guard are reduced to a single model - leaving 2 huge VP units of LM with a single model alive at game end denying me full VP.

April 27, 2010

WHFB Tournament Pictorial Report P3of5

RUNEFANG III - Round 3 vs. High Elves
Loss 6-14

Not as many pictures here as sunshine (would you believe) bathed the table for most of the game making photos pretty much impossible as the light ruined every shot.

White Lions and Archmage hide in the forest. White Lions were there primarily to deal with threat of 2 units of Dragon Princes approaching from my left. Rule #1 with characters PUT THEM INTO A UNIT left the Archmage exposed and he got killed in Turn 4.

I advance forward toward the Beast Cowered Tiranoc Chariots. Unable to reach them with my infantry the BSB goes off on his own and trys to kill one by himself (it had already been wounded by an RBT).

As my BSB and PG wipe out the Chariots and Archers to their front what is left of my Spearmen charge into the enemy White Lions. They were already at half strength as better shooting from my opponent had torn through them for the first 3 turns of the game.

With the Spears dead my two remaining Swordmasters charge into the White Lions but fail to finish them off (funny that).

This was a game I should have won. I dominated the magic phase with 9-11PD vs. his 4DD and had a much better set of hard hitting infantry units. His Dragon Princes played no part in the battle at all either stuck in terrain or Beast Cowered and when I got into combat I chopped through him. But I lost, why? Poor deployment and tactical decision making. His shooting was far better than mine and he had more of it. I should have cleaned his shooting units out first with missile fire and magic then moved forward. With the terrain set up as it was I could have sat back on the right and not worried at all about the Dragon Princes. Instead I advanced into the teeth of his missile fire and got shot to shreds. My cause was not helped by my Archmage getting killed my a "mis-casting" yes thats right a "mis-casting" enemy mage, and my remaining Mage dying from his own miscast the following turn.

WHFB Tournament Pictorial Report P2of5

RUNEFANG III - Round 2 vs. Warriors of Chaos
Draw 10 - 10
(pictures should expand when you click on them)

My army lines up with the intent of using the building as an anchor point to funnel the Chaos units through. Phoenix Guard on left along with RBT are there as pivot point.

The enemy awaits - Chaos Chariot one of two units of Chaos Knights etc

Phoenix Guard wait as the Chaos army begins its advance

A budgie gets things underway by sacrificing itself to march block the enemy BSB and his accompanying Knights. That damn Giant rears its ugly head above the massed Chaos units.

Stage 1 of my basic plan the infantry pivot around the forest using the building as anchor. Meanwhile the White Lions go off on their lonesome to wipe out the Chaos units occupying the far table quarter. They would remain there unmolested for rest of the game.

Damn stupid Marauders get in behind me and march block my entire line preventing me from getting far enough forward. The aim was to rotate through 90 degrees locking the Chaos army into one half of the board.

Citizen militia ready themselves for the Chaos onslaught

The onslaught comes not in the centre but on the left as the Chaos centre pulls back. Only the PGuard and a single RBT stand in Chaos way. That RBT proved invaluable as the crew held of a unit of Marauders for 2 turns before finally being defeated.

Beginning of the pivotal moment in the battle. With a Giant and a unit of Chaos Knights to their front do I risk a charge from the isolated PGuard and expose their right flank, or do I pull them back allowing the rest of my infantry time to march up. I thought about this for a long time before finally opting to charge aiming for the Chaos Knights.

Victory for the Phoenix Guard!!! The Chaos Knights (at far left of picture) are routed in the 1st round of combat after they lose one of their number, fail to wound any PG, and go down by 5 on CR (1 wound, outnumber, 2 ranks, warbanner). They failed to rally and fled off the table. The PG then overran grabbing their banner and hit the already wounded Giant (an RBT had hit him earlier).

The next turn the remaining unit of Chaos Knights hits the PG in their right flank. This combat would play out for multiple rounds until the Giant was eventually killed, and the PG who had suffered badly at his hands were forced to flee after being reduced to less than half strength. Unfortunately they fled into a unit of Marauders and their valiant fight ended with their deaths.

One of the last acts of the game. With the Swordmasters and my BSB tearing a unit of Warriors of Chaos to pieces (top left of picture) the poor Spearmen were left on their own surrounded by units of Marauders who cut them down with missile fire.

A very enjoyable game against a great opponent (who I seem to play at every tournament) this ended in a fair 10-10 draw. In hindsight having the White Lions go deliberately for that far table quarter was a mistake as it kept them out of the battle were they might have taken more VP. But still this was my favourite game of the tournament.

WHFB Tournament Pictorial Report P1of5

RUNEFANG III - Round 1 vs. Ogre Kingdoms

My High Elves line up against the Ogre Horde

The Ogre horde

Opening moves. High Elf infantry advance, Eagles move to march block and magical and normal missles try to whittle Ogres down unit by unit

White Lions & Archmage advance to keep main Ogre units pinned down

Meanwhile SM and PG supported by RBT & Archers line up rest of Ogre army

Swordmasters break, the Ogre Hero charges and the damn Gorgers pop up in my rear

Swordmasters return and get set to advance

Oh bugger the damn Gorgers get in there first while the Phoenix Guard keep moving forward

Swordmasters keep beating the Gorgers in combat as the PG slaughter the Ogre left flank and turn around

Fleeing Ogre units on the left return and my plan has to change as missile fire decimates my troops

Somehow I managed to lose this game 6-14 not helped by the rout of the White Lions who were facing the majority of the Ogre army alone, and a 450VP swing to my opponent in Turn 6 when my Archmage General was cut down after he couldnt get out of range of the rampaging Ogre General.