April 19, 2010

High Elf tournament list playtesting

With RUNEFANG this weekend I have now had two test games with the High Elf list I will be taking to the tournament. Game 1 vs. Dwarfs didnt go to well and ended in my entire army getting slaughtered, ironically by my own Organ Gun (I had lent it to Adam). Basically I didnt play to my strengths advanced straight at his gunline and got shot to bits. Not a good start.

Game 2 was against a Lizardman army that was very different from what I have come across in tournaments. No Stegadon, Slann, Salamanders or Terradons just 3 big blocks of Saurus Warriors, 3 units of Skinks, 2 priests, a unit of Cold One Knights and a big nasty kick arse general on a huge lizard.

This time I hung back for a few turns and focused on the magic phase and shooting to whittle down my opponents units, starting with the Skinks. Unfortunately things didnt quite go to plan. RBT's and Archers did well but magic was a spectacular failure. Conflaguration of Doom went off in Turn 1 with an irresitable dice roll then proceeded to kill 1 Saurus Warrior. Turn 2 it mis-cast resulting in LM magic wiping out half a unit of Swordmasters right before the LM general charged them.

Over Turns 2-4 my Swordmasters and then my Spears were cut down by the Lizardman General while only the White Lions and Phoenix Guard hung to do anything. The White Lions, who were out on an extreme flank, charged through a unit of Skinks then proceeded to hide in a building taking a table quarter and saving 300pts from getting wiped out (somewhat cowardly but I was playing for points not kills). The Phoenix Guard did better they got flanked charged by the LM General and proceeded to chop his mount out from under him and eventually caused him to break, flee and then be cut down. The joys of a 4+ WS saving me from the 10-12 S7 attacks that the LM General and his mount were unleashing.

This in turn freed up my mages to cast away at the Cold Ones nearly wiping them out, while my Eagles chased down the LM Priests. Game ended with the majority of the LM army still alive but its larger expensive units and its general dead or decimated. I had my White Lions, my Phoenix Guard, an Eagle and my Mages left and that was it. End Result Minor or 12-8 victory to the LM after I magiced a better result away from him in Turns 5-6 after drawing out his last scrolls and DD.

Final thoughts on army list for RUNEFANG?? Not having cavalry I will struggle. I could have taken them, and did have an alternate list with a unit of Dragon Princes included worked up, but they werent painted and I dont like using unpainted units in Warhammer - despite the tournament rules allowing you to do so. The Eagles are good but without an AS they need to be held back slightly to allow my magic to do its work in the first few turns. Against magic heavy armies I am going to suffer some loses and will have to get deployment just right. Either way its going to be fun as the whole idea of this list was to take units I like, that I think look good, and to field something different - an infantry only High Elf list is not something I have seen at a New Zealand tournament before.

No Warhammer this Thursday night though - playing Warmachine against some new club members because (a) while I should have another go with my High Elf list I feel like playing Warmachine and (b) there are some new club members who I want to game with to encourage them to continue turning up.

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