April 8, 2010

NATCON Dwarf army wrap up

With Natcon over my thoughts now turn to figuring out what to do about my beloved Dwarfs. Yes they are heavily restricted and handicapped when compared to most of the other armies, particularly the newer books, but I just REALLY REALLY like Dwarfs.

(I also completed a detailed break down of my tournament history game by game here)

A guy on Podhammer summed it up best when he said that only "Masacists take Dwarfs to Tournaments", and I would have to agree. Dwarfs are going to struggle we cannot field cheap skirmishers or fast cavalry, our infantry while tough are expensive and we lack anything with 2 attacks or frenzy, magic resistance requires added effort when your opponents have 10+ PD each, and we don't have any scary monsters.

Now while I drove home from NATCON thinking seriously about shelving my Dwarfs and bashing my head through a table a few times a few days at work has cleared my head (something about marking student assignments just switches your brain off). The Dwarfs will stay, the will also come out again AND again at tournaments because gosh darn I like playing them, and I fully intend to win a tournament with them one day.

If I can squeeze out all of the tactical and strategic errors that crop in to most of my games then I see no reason why I cannot not just win a few games but also win a whole event.

So how did the NATCON army do?

Dwarf Lord B-
Missed more than he hit, died in two games and nearly died in 3 more. Basically he was not protected well enough. The MR Challenge worked really well and stuffed up a few opponents quite nicely. But next time round I will focus on protecting him rather than trying to balance out attack and defence.

Choppy Choppy Thane A+
Stand out performer, hitting on 2's and wounding nearly everything on 2's this guy just cut through so many enemy units it wasn't funny (at least not for my opponents). Would love to keep him as he is but taking the extra character hurts points wise.

Got killed too easily and I lost my re-rolls at crucial times throughout the tournament. Strollaz Rune was a great option and really allowed me to expand the tactics I could use. Against my Skaven opponent the Strollaz Rune and its ability to set up my infantry 18" in rather than 12" before game start was the telling factor in getting my trap set up.

Longbeards C
Died to easily and were simply not stubborn enough with only a standard. Need a War Banner and/or RO Determination to enable them to hang around more. MR Grungi never really came into play as I never faced massive shooting outside of a single Lizardman army.

Warriors B
Small unit worked great but I needed two of them, and they should have GW as in at least 3 games they got off flank charges where GW would have been brutal against their opponents. This included one charge on an Engine of the Gods and another on a Skaven Hell Pit Abomination.

Quarrellers B
They did well but like the unit of Warriors they couldn't do it by themselves.

Hammerers (without Lord) A
With the exception of 2 bad dice rolls this was the best unit of the game. In two match ups in particular they hung on against overwhelming odds with only the command group and the Choppy Choppy Thane still alive. This unit with the Thane took more points during the tournament than anyother, although it also cost me two victories.

Hammerers (with Lord) B+
Did just as well as the other unit but they need to be able to stand up without the Lord. RO Stoicism is a waste of points when a unit is Stubborn.

Organ Gun A
Best warmachine in the game, cannot say enough about it, which is why I am taking two in my list from now on - screw the comp score.

Gyrocopter A
Finally using this guy properly. He killed a ton of points and did an excellent job. But unfortunately I can only have 2 Rare choices. Would love to take 2 of these and an Organ Gun but I can't.

Next list will be very different, currently working on variation including
- 3 characters
- 2 Organ Guns
- 3 units of Hammerers


Darth Weasel said...

do you take engineer with organ gun ever for extra punch?

Binz said...

Nice writeup John.

Dwarves have always been, and always will be a difficult army to win with - and i applaud your efforts!

Even though i dislike them immensely :)

John said...

@Darth - Organ Guns can't take Engineers or Runes unfortunately

@Toshi - cheers mate ill keep trying with them

Darth Weasel said...

aha. I was vaguely remembering convo w/my brother about engineer's bs being used...but now I think he was talking about RBT, with some rune or other so they were firing bad stuff every turn.