April 14, 2010

So much to paint so little time

Massive lack of updates and progress on my recent projects this month, why??? Well because I realised last night that my tray of painting projects is filling up every week with new unfinished models. My enthusiasm for painting Warhammer waned a few weeks back so I started back on Warmachine, now that has gone out the window and I have moved onto creating unit fillers and fixing the odd broken model. Now I have SO many models scattered all over the place I have no idea where to get started again.

Warhammer Painting Backlog
17 x HE Archers - currently based and undercoated awaiting paint
7 x HE Dragon Princes - horses are done, basing is done just riders needing paint now
20 x HE Spearmen - all undercoated I really need to do half a dozen at least before RUNEFANG
10 x HE Shadow Warriors - 5 just need some touch ups and highlighting, the other 5 need more
20 x Dwarf Miners - just sitting there awaiting paint as I plan to use these guys they need doing
1 x HE Mage - I have 2 completed so this one is way down on my list of priorities
1 x HE Dragon Mage - all I have to do is repaint the reins and the riders chair and thats it

Warhammer assembly backlog
8 x HE Silver Helms - paint stripped them but havent reassembled or undercoated them yet
3 x HE Dragon Princes - save as the Silver Helms

Warmachine painting backlog
2 x Knights Exemplar - finished bodies only just put arms and shields on last night
2 x Reclaimers - one half done (looks terrible) the other just undercoated
1 x High Exemplar Gravus - horse done, foot model undercoated, rider undercoated
1 x Avatar of Menoth - undercoated and only just reassembled last night
1 x Exemplar Seneschal - has base coats on just needs next few layers
1 x eKreoss - stripped and undercoated him two nights ago needs repainting
1 x Alana & Holt - undercoated about 9-10 months ago and have sat in box ever since
1 x Rhoven & bodyguard - paint stripped the other day just need basing, undercoating etc

And then of course there is my eternal desire to completely paint strip all of my current Protectorate of Menoth collection and completely repaint every single model to get them all looking half way decent. That list includes

Crusader x2
Devout x4
Repenter x2
Revenger x2
Choir of Menoth (3 full units)
Daughters of the Flame (1 unit)
Exemplar Errants (1 unit of 8)
Flameguard Cleansers (1 unit)
Holy Zealots (1 unit of 8)
Idrian Skirmishers (1 unit of 10)
Holy Zealot Monolith Bearer
Idrian Skirmishers Chieftain & Guide
Vassal of Menoth

So its not that much work really?!? Basically I want to get all of the warjacks and infantry looking like these guys:

Thing is once the kids have gone to bed I really only have a couple of hours left each night to get anything done and having not had any quality time with my wife all day its hard to spend those few hours painting *sigh* so many things to do....


Binz said...

Thats a scary thought john..

You still up for a game tomorrow?

The Exodite said...

Those guys are shweet, love the purple

John said...

Cheers Exodite much appreciated - thats what (i hope) the entire collection will look like once ive paint stripped them all.

@Toshi - I forgot about the Vampire Counts as well heaps of them to paint too.