April 29, 2010

Trying a new game - Flames of War & selling my Vampires

After seeing it being played so much at my local club and at tournaments I have decided to give the New Zealand designed Flames of War ago. I am actually surprised I didnt get into this first rather than Warhammer as I spent a ton of time as a kid playing with toy soldiers and with mates making up various complex rules alah FoW.

After borrowing a rulebook and going through various online sources I have decided that if (AND ITS A BIG BUDGETARY IF) I start to collect a FoW army it will be a German Fallschirmjager (Parachute) Company either early war (alah invasion of Holland & Greece) or late war (Russian Front).

Going to have my first go with it tonight at my club to see what its like. Advantage is one of our senior club members is also the official miniature designer for FoW so there are a lot of spare armies floating around I can borrow.

To start I will need a couple of basic rulebooks (main 2nd edition book + army intelligence book) and rougly 600pts of miniatures which at this stage I can get for around 43 pounds or approx NZ$90. Should be fun.

Also decided I am going to sell my Vampire Counts army. Basically I never use them and have given up on painting them so will be putting it up on TradeMe over the next week or so. It will be very hard to sell them as after putting SO MUCH effort into painting them etc I am reluctant to let them go. But I don't see myself ever using them full-time as I am fully committed to my High Elves and Dwarfs re: Tournament play.

Selling these guys will help fund any FoW army I decide to start.

Up for sale will be the following painted miniatures:
- 3 Vampire Heros (1 mounted)
- 40 Skeletons
- 40 Zombies
- 10 Ghouls
- 8 Black Knights converted from TK Cavalry
- 4 Fell Bats
- 1 Corpse Cart
- 4 Spirit Hosts
- 5 Dire Wolves

All of these guys are magnetised as are their movement trays

and unpainted miniatures
- 8 Black Knights converted from TK Cavalry
- 4 Banshees/Wraiths
- 10 Grave Guard
- 5 Dire Wolves

Some samples of what they look like...


Bigred said...

I think you'll find FoW a refreshing change of perspective after years of GW.

Good luck and have fun! (and don't forget to make your stormtrooper moves...you'll see)

Binz said...


thats a big change.

youll have to talk to me about this, ill play some flames of war with you!!!