April 19, 2010

Warmachine Battles & Army Lists

Squeezed in a few more games against Toshi the other week once again my Menoth were facing his undead Cryxian hordes. Several interesting games two which I played using Epic Kreoss and a mix of infantry and heavy jacks, including for the first time the Avatar of Menoth, and the last which included Epic Severius. Three games in all, all played at 40pts going for caster kill victory as we normally do.

Game 1 was a total bust as his feat basically immobilised my entire army leaving him to go nuts and destroy it all in the space of a few minutes. Not a great start but I only had myself to blame advancing too far too quickly.

Game 2 was better. I hung back setting myself up carefully with each unit adequately supported by those around it. Avatar used its gaze to completely screw up Toshis strategy but then I mucked things up by moving Kreoss out from behind is infantry screen and out into the open. I forgot half way through my turn about the abilities of a couple of his units. End result Kreoss got surrounded and cut down.

Game 3 was even better even though I lost this one as well and it lasted for a LONG time. Different list this time with eSeverius and a Redeemer making a first appearance, Severius 1 focus spell allowing him to take control of an oppossing model was great. Sticking it through the Revengers arc-node let me use Toshis army to wipe out Toshis army while he was still 20+ inches away. Game came down to only a few models left on the board, and I think I lost because I had nothing left that could kill the Cryx caster. Damn burrowing Cryx bonejacks were just nasty.

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Binz said...

hehe those were fun games! Ive yet to write the reports... theres a lot of work to be done there!

In a couple of days i should get it done though.