April 30, 2010

Whats a fair price for selling a unit?

Vampire Counts are definately going on TradeMe - I enjoyed collecting and painting them but not playing them so their sale will fund my journey into Flames of War.

Question is what is a fair price for each of the units I have? I plan to sell each unit separately as selling an entire army will prove difficult.

For example a regiment of 20 Skeletons would cost $90 in most NZ shops - $45 for each box set of 10 Skeletons models. Add in the movement tray for $2-3, and the magnets I use to attach it model to the tray $5 and the time etc spent painting and its hard to put a realistic and more importantly sellable figure on it.

What would you be willing to pay for this unit (albiet with 20 not 30 models as in the picture)

Offering 20 bare bones Skeleton models for NZ$30-40 would seem fair as you are getting 2 lots for the price of one. But magnetised, flocked and (I think) very well painted and what do you put the price to now? $60-70?????


Binz said...

its hard to say john... at the end of the day its what someone is actually prepared to spend on them that decides the price.

you could always go with an auction starting at say $50 with no buy out - and see how high it gets.

Cory said...

Yep, the market price is whatever someone else decided they're worth. You should check TradeMe (and maybe other auction sites, too) to see what similar items are going for and start there.