April 27, 2010

WHFB Tournament Pictorial Report P2of5

RUNEFANG III - Round 2 vs. Warriors of Chaos
Draw 10 - 10
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My army lines up with the intent of using the building as an anchor point to funnel the Chaos units through. Phoenix Guard on left along with RBT are there as pivot point.

The enemy awaits - Chaos Chariot one of two units of Chaos Knights etc

Phoenix Guard wait as the Chaos army begins its advance

A budgie gets things underway by sacrificing itself to march block the enemy BSB and his accompanying Knights. That damn Giant rears its ugly head above the massed Chaos units.

Stage 1 of my basic plan the infantry pivot around the forest using the building as anchor. Meanwhile the White Lions go off on their lonesome to wipe out the Chaos units occupying the far table quarter. They would remain there unmolested for rest of the game.

Damn stupid Marauders get in behind me and march block my entire line preventing me from getting far enough forward. The aim was to rotate through 90 degrees locking the Chaos army into one half of the board.

Citizen militia ready themselves for the Chaos onslaught

The onslaught comes not in the centre but on the left as the Chaos centre pulls back. Only the PGuard and a single RBT stand in Chaos way. That RBT proved invaluable as the crew held of a unit of Marauders for 2 turns before finally being defeated.

Beginning of the pivotal moment in the battle. With a Giant and a unit of Chaos Knights to their front do I risk a charge from the isolated PGuard and expose their right flank, or do I pull them back allowing the rest of my infantry time to march up. I thought about this for a long time before finally opting to charge aiming for the Chaos Knights.

Victory for the Phoenix Guard!!! The Chaos Knights (at far left of picture) are routed in the 1st round of combat after they lose one of their number, fail to wound any PG, and go down by 5 on CR (1 wound, outnumber, 2 ranks, warbanner). They failed to rally and fled off the table. The PG then overran grabbing their banner and hit the already wounded Giant (an RBT had hit him earlier).

The next turn the remaining unit of Chaos Knights hits the PG in their right flank. This combat would play out for multiple rounds until the Giant was eventually killed, and the PG who had suffered badly at his hands were forced to flee after being reduced to less than half strength. Unfortunately they fled into a unit of Marauders and their valiant fight ended with their deaths.

One of the last acts of the game. With the Swordmasters and my BSB tearing a unit of Warriors of Chaos to pieces (top left of picture) the poor Spearmen were left on their own surrounded by units of Marauders who cut them down with missile fire.

A very enjoyable game against a great opponent (who I seem to play at every tournament) this ended in a fair 10-10 draw. In hindsight having the White Lions go deliberately for that far table quarter was a mistake as it kept them out of the battle were they might have taken more VP. But still this was my favourite game of the tournament.

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