April 27, 2010

WHFB Tournament Pictorial Report P3of5

RUNEFANG III - Round 3 vs. High Elves
Loss 6-14

Not as many pictures here as sunshine (would you believe) bathed the table for most of the game making photos pretty much impossible as the light ruined every shot.

White Lions and Archmage hide in the forest. White Lions were there primarily to deal with threat of 2 units of Dragon Princes approaching from my left. Rule #1 with characters PUT THEM INTO A UNIT left the Archmage exposed and he got killed in Turn 4.

I advance forward toward the Beast Cowered Tiranoc Chariots. Unable to reach them with my infantry the BSB goes off on his own and trys to kill one by himself (it had already been wounded by an RBT).

As my BSB and PG wipe out the Chariots and Archers to their front what is left of my Spearmen charge into the enemy White Lions. They were already at half strength as better shooting from my opponent had torn through them for the first 3 turns of the game.

With the Spears dead my two remaining Swordmasters charge into the White Lions but fail to finish them off (funny that).

This was a game I should have won. I dominated the magic phase with 9-11PD vs. his 4DD and had a much better set of hard hitting infantry units. His Dragon Princes played no part in the battle at all either stuck in terrain or Beast Cowered and when I got into combat I chopped through him. But I lost, why? Poor deployment and tactical decision making. His shooting was far better than mine and he had more of it. I should have cleaned his shooting units out first with missile fire and magic then moved forward. With the terrain set up as it was I could have sat back on the right and not worried at all about the Dragon Princes. Instead I advanced into the teeth of his missile fire and got shot to shreds. My cause was not helped by my Archmage getting killed my a "mis-casting" yes thats right a "mis-casting" enemy mage, and my remaining Mage dying from his own miscast the following turn.

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