April 29, 2010

WHFB Tournament Pictorial Report P4of5

RUNEFANG III - vs. Lizardmen
Loss 6-14

My army lines up with majority of infantry massed in centre ready to wheel left into Lizardman army.

My opponents army and my opening moves Eagles flying forward to march block. Stupidly I put one on top of the hill where it can be seen and charged by the LM Terradons.

The major melee begins as my core infantry units smash into the LM line. Swordmasters and Spears both get charges off on the LM BSB and Saurus while the PG hold back lining up the Slanns Temple Guard in case they try to counter charge the SM.

Meanwhile to the rear my mages safe in their forest & White Lion bunkers try to counter the LM right flank units - the Cold Ones, 2nd unit of Saurus and the Terradons.

The Slann charges the PG unit while the Spears and SM reduce the Saurus unit enough to allow the Spears to begin moving forward. Unfortunately their right hand edge clips the difficult terrain slowing any move. Do I try to swing them around behind the remaining Saurus to flank charge the Slann or simply move them forward.

To late the decision is made for me. After 2-3 rounds of combat the PG are routed by the Slann and the Temple Guard and flee. The Temple Guard in turn charge into the flank of the SM who have only just finished off the Saurus Warriors, a process that took longer after my BSB was killed by his LM equivalent. Seeing the inevitable demise of the SM the Spear unit reforms facing up to the expected Temple Guard overrun.

Meanwhile the Cold One Knights see their only action of the game brutalising the poor unarmoured Archers.

Frustration point #1 - I land 18 hits from Conflaguration of Doom, a Wall of Fire and a flank shot from an RBT onto this unit of Saurus and their accompanying hero. All that is left at the end of the turn is this solitary model which fails to panic. In the LM next turn Wall of Fire is dispelled and the single model runs away where I am unable to catch it without exposing my Archmage to the Cold One Knights and the Engine of the Gods.
Frustration Point #2 and end of game. After the Temple Guard slaughter the PG, SM and Spears I only have a single RBT, my Archmage and 6 White Lions left (that damn Engine of the Gods killed the rest). Unfortunately my mage is facing the wrong way and get move far enough to get the solitary Saurus model from his last attacks into sight. So he goes after the Slanns unit. Once again Conflaguration of Doom scores big with 14 hits as does Wall of Fire and the remaining RBT. But it isnt enough the Temple Guard are reduced to a single model - leaving 2 huge VP units of LM with a single model alive at game end denying me full VP.

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