April 27, 2010

WHFB Tournament Pictorial Report P1of5

RUNEFANG III - Round 1 vs. Ogre Kingdoms

My High Elves line up against the Ogre Horde

The Ogre horde

Opening moves. High Elf infantry advance, Eagles move to march block and magical and normal missles try to whittle Ogres down unit by unit

White Lions & Archmage advance to keep main Ogre units pinned down

Meanwhile SM and PG supported by RBT & Archers line up rest of Ogre army

Swordmasters break, the Ogre Hero charges and the damn Gorgers pop up in my rear

Swordmasters return and get set to advance

Oh bugger the damn Gorgers get in there first while the Phoenix Guard keep moving forward

Swordmasters keep beating the Gorgers in combat as the PG slaughter the Ogre left flank and turn around

Fleeing Ogre units on the left return and my plan has to change as missile fire decimates my troops

Somehow I managed to lose this game 6-14 not helped by the rout of the White Lions who were facing the majority of the Ogre army alone, and a 450VP swing to my opponent in Turn 6 when my Archmage General was cut down after he couldnt get out of range of the rampaging Ogre General.

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