April 26, 2010

WHFB Tournament Report - RUNEFANG III

Just returned from my 2nd WHFB tournament of 2010 and my first with my new look all infantry High Elves. The tournament went pretty well, still making a lot of dumb mistakes and had some amazingly poor luck in a couple of instances but otherwise it was a great tournament.


Played five games in all finishing 21st which was not as great as I wanted but a fair reflection of how I performed overall. The usual suspects finished in the top of field. The major surprise of the tournament (especially for me) was the arrival of a new Dwarf General who finished 9th with an Anvil based army very similar to what I plan to use for the remainder of the season. His army was beautifully painted and he played very well by all accounts even scoring a 20-0 win over an Empire army with a Steam Tank and all the toys. My basic results were:

Round 1 vs. Ogre Kingdoms LOSS 6-14
Key moment of game came when my Swordmasters, who were beautifully positioned in flank charge the majority of the Ogre army which was blocked to its front by my Phoenix Guard & Spears, were cut down by a unit of Leadbelchers and some Gnoblars - yes Gnoblars - failed their panic check and ran. This screwed by battle plan right up and pretty much cost me the game.

Round 2 vs. Warriors of Chaos DRAW 10-10
Up against a regular tournament opponent Neil.W and this was yet another enjoyable game. It proceeded like a chess match with our two armies trying to bait eachother into charging. My White Lions went unmolested the entire game after chasing a unit of Dogs across the board. The Phoenix Guard provided the highlight of the match by charging a unit of Chaos Knights backed by a Giant exposing their flank to another unit of Chaos Knights in the process. They broke the Knights in combat and crashed into the giant. The Knights fled off the table edge and died, while the Giant was reduced to all but 1 wound. Next turn the flanking unit of Chaos Knights charged in and for 3 turns the Phoenix Guard held out stubbornly refusing to move killing the Giant in the process. Neil was not helped by continuously rolling 1's on his Knights 2+AS.

Round 3 vs. High Elves LOSS 5-15
This game pained me considerably. My opponent had 2 units of Dragon Princes, 2 of Archers and 2 Chariots so was far more mobile than me. He also had less magic with a single Lvl4 vs. my Lvl 4, Lvl 2 and Banner of Sorcery. His shooting decimated my units as he targeted my RBT's and Archers. His Dragon Princes got stuck in terrain and by Beast Cowers and played no part in game, while my infantry struggled to get forward.

Key moments of game:
  • Enemy mage miscasting rolling a 12 and getting off Fury of Khaine with Irresitble Force killing my Archmage and General, followed next turn my Lvl 2 miscasting and killing himself.
  • My White Lions being hit by Flames of the Phoenix after my mages are dead and being wiped out over the course of 2 turns.
  • My Swordmaster unit reduced to 3 models (out of 15) charging the enemies 12 White Lions and BSB killing 8 White Lions and wounding the BSB before dying.
Round 4 vs Lizardmen LOSS 6-14
Ah save me from Lizardman players with Lvl 4 Slanns and Engines of the Gods, that damn thing nearly destroyed my entire army. With only a single unit of 10 Skinks in this guys list I was confident of being able to get into favourable combat with most of my units intact, assuming I could keep the lizard magic under control. Key moments:
  • Phoenix Guard charge the Slann and his Temple Guard in the LM centre.
  • On the PG's right my BSB, the Swordmasters and Spears charge a unit of Saurus Warriors and the LM BSB. The Saurus and BSB are wiped out over 2 turns giving me an opportunity to wheel both units around to hit Slanns Temple Guard in their flank.
  • But... Phoenix Guard break and run from Temple Guard (who have only 6 models + the Slann left at this stage) who then clip (by about 2mm) the edge of the SM unit wheeling into their flank. With the SM extending into a single long line the get chewed up and the Slanns unit then overruns into the Spears beyond.
Most memorable moment though came in Turns 4-5 when I was left with only a RBT, my Archmage and a unit of White Lions:
  • In Turn 4 I cast 'Conflaguration of Doom' onto the 2nd Saurus unit getting 18 hits, followed by Wall of Fire and then a Flank shot from the RBT. End result 24 Saurus are killed and the unit is reduced to 1 model. But what happens that model doesnt panic. I can't charge it because of a unit of Cold One Knights & the Engine of the Gods waiting to flank charge me, the RBT keeps missing it and it survives to deny me full VP for the unit.
  • Then in Turn 5 with victory well out of my grasp I throw everything I have at the Slanns unit and again see a huge VP unit reduced to 1 model only for that model NOT TO RUN denying me VP yet again.
While I got slaughtered by that damn Engine of the Gods which I either couldnt hit or couldnt wound I ended with a 6-14 loss that should have been a 10-10 draw or possibly a 12-8 win in my favour had those 2 units (with the accompanying characters) died.

Round 5 vs. Beasts of Chaos WIN 11-9
Last game of weekend. Lots of fun. Very very tactical. More tomorrow.

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